Why travel with Sublime Trails

1. Ultimate Value

Sublime Trails operates tours and treks in three countries Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. There is a variety of trip one can choose from depending on their preference. Price of each trip including all the basic services is designed such that you get the optimum value. Some trips might not be the cheapest ones but no one can beat the services and everything that is included within the trip cost. It all really depends upon the destination you choose and the type of trip you want. Once you book a trip with us, it's our responsibility to provide you service that matches your expectations.

2. Safe Tours and Treks

Safety is our first priority and we take every measure possible to make sure everything runs smoothly. There are certain guidelines to follow to make sure you don't get into any kind of trouble. You will be accompanied by experts who know what is adventurous and what is dangerous. We will run everything according to the planned itinerary, but sometimes the weather in the Himalayas goes wrong unexpectedly. If you have any flights scheduled during that time, we will obviously make changes in plan and reschedule the flight. If there is a risk of avalanche or snow-blizzard, we will not go to the risky areas until it is safe again. We always make sure that everything is run smoothly also while taking you to other adventure sports like bungee jumping, paragliding, rafting etc. While camping with us, you will be provided with proper food and safe drinking water. There will always be someone keeping an eye on everything turn-wise even at night. The Sublime team travelling with you will help you make the right decision every time ensuring that you remain safe. 

3. Personalized Experience

A lot of things on your trip are planned according to your preference. But, it is very important that you choose your trip according to your choice first. Our team helps you decide that depending on your expectations, budget, physical fitness, prior experience and lots of other factors. It also depends on whether you are travelling with your friends, kids, elderly people or anyone with special needs. We also have trips you can choose if you are planning to celebrate major life events like honeymoons, anniversaries, reunions, etc. We finally create a unique trip for you customizing many factors like duration, grade, itinerary and luxury of the trip.

4. Fair Wages and Treatment

Porters and guides are an important part of a trekking or touring team. Without them, trekking in the wild environment of the Himalayas could be almost impossible. Any staff, cooks, horsemen, guides and porters travelling with Sublime Trails are provided with fair wages and respectful behaviour. A porter is assigned to carry a weight of 30 kg or less.

5. Interference-free Exploration of Nature and Biodiversity

Travelling in these Himalayan countries opens up a whole new world of possibilities. The outstanding views of nature, the mountains, amazing cultural and historical sites, biodiversity and many more make the trip uniquely fun. But, all these come with the responsibility to maintain its integrity and beauty. There are many places where it's not allowed to take pictures, wear revealing clothes, swear, display affection publicly and follow various social rules depending on the sites you visit. It is also necessary that you do not disturb the life of flora and fauna in their natural habitat. The whole Sublime team strictly follows these rules to preserve the cultural and natural beauty of Nepal and helps you understand them as well.

6. Unique Cultural Experience

There are several unique and isolated cultures practised by people in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. Travelling in these countries with us, you will get to learn about them closely. Throughout the trek or tour, you get to eat local food, wear cultural dresses, communicate with people and celebrate festivals among them. People in these countries are very welcoming and provide awesome hospitality. With the Sublime team, these experiences become even more authentic and effortless because of the local experts.

7. Stand-by team for any required assistance

The sublime team in Kathmandu will be in constant contact with the trekking or touring team. This is important to act fast in case any assistance, information or action is required. We are also stand-by to provide you with any help you need before booking a trip with us, during the trip up to the day you leave Nepal.

8. Proper Risk Management

Many trips in Nepal possess less to no risks. But, some strenuous trekking in the Himalayas requires you and the team to be careful constantly. There are also risks of being harmed by animals and other uncertain factors. Many of these risks can be minimized greatly or avoided when proper guidelines are followed. Your guide will be around you throughout the journey to remind you what you should and shouldn’t do. Nevertheless, accidents and hazards can occur sometimes. During and after accidents and injuries, our team will swiftly decide what kind of measure should be applied so that you suffer as little as possible.

9. Adventure More, Worry Less

Every trip short or long is designed to give you an amazing experience. Once you book a trip with us, our team fully dedicates itself to do what we promise. Buy your international flight tickets, get travel insurance, pack your bag and fly to Nepal. Leave the worries for us and join your trip to the country of Mt. Everest. Most of the things you may need during the trip are included in the package. If anything that is not included, we will be there to recommend the best for you.

We do our best so that you can spend your time enjoying nature, having fun with your friends/family, trying new food, doing new things and having the best time.