why travel with sublime trails

Local experts

Sublime Trails is founded and run by Nepalese experts in the field of travel. We also have some of the very good photographers, writers, mountaineers, and guides in Nepal. They help us in taking stunning photographs, writing brilliantly about the places in our itinerary and traveling to some exotic places across various areas. They help in designing the best itineraries, which we then present to you. These local experts can help you greatly in all the trek and tour related fields. The local guides that travel with you try their very best to make your traveling experience beautiful and memorable. Our guides mostly specialize in a particular destination. They are well versed the local customs and traditions of a particular region. This helps you not only get a feel of the places you visit but also the various people there.

Authorized and locally owned

Sublime Trails is an authorized trekking/travel/tour company that is registered under the Government of Nepal. Our company adheres to all the rules and regulations related to the travel industry. We are a locally owned (Nepal based) travel company. All our guides are registered under the required authorities. The guides that we assign to you generally come from the place that you will be traveling to. So when you hire a guide with us, you will add to the economy of the place you will be going to.

Knowledgeable and experienced

We have a rich history of organizing beautiful national and international tours, treks, and travel. We also have organized plenty of adventure sports like bungee jumping, river adventure, wildlife safari, mountain flight, paragliding, mountain expedition, etc. The knowledge and experience we have garnered working all these years in the travel industry will help you to have the most comfortable economic journey you have wished for. So you can be assured that you will have a wonderful time on your tour with us.

Private and group departures

We also organize various small group tours to the ones looking forward to having private and group departures. Sublime Trails offers you private tour itineraries and departures for everyone i.e. couples, groups, students, families.

Traveling in a small group helps all the members of the tour gell wonderfully with other people. This helps you create strong bonds and friendships that last for a lifetime. We cater to the needs of all the members of the group in the same manner. We also promote equality among the group members in every possible way imaginable. Our major concern is to let every member in a group feel at ease during the length of the trip. This helps us ensure that you have a comfortable, relaxed and memorable journey. Group departures also help to avoid the adverse impacts in the environment.

Customized holidays

Sublime Trails presents you customized holidays that you will love to go out to. We present you wonderful packages that will enhance your travelling experience. If there are any places that you want to go to but are not included in our packages, you can let us know. We will organize a tour for you in a way that you feel the most comfortable in. We also let you have some extra time all by yourself so that you could explore some places on your own. This makes the journey more memorable and unforgettable than you had expected it to be.

Recommended and authentic accommodation

When you take a tour with us, you can be assured that we provide some of the best accommodation during your tours. We make sure that no matter which place you go to, you stay in places that serve you with comfortable rooms, clean and hygienic food, and wonderful staff. So no matter if you are relaxing on a day or coming to a rest after a long day or trekking or sightseeing, you will have a very good time in the places of accommodation.

Worry-free holidays

Firstly, our experience in the field of organizing travel trips will help you be confident about taking the trip with us. Our guides will help you have a delightful time during the treks. Also, our arrangements for accommodation and customization will help you have a relaxed time. All of these services culminate into you having a wonderful time which is worry-free.

Competitive price and no hidden cost

We offer economical and competitive tours compared to many other global companies. We are very economical in terms of cost as Sublime Trails is a locally owned company. As we are local (Nepal based) Travel Company we don’t sell or use second party or agency. Most international companies resell their package or use second party/agency which increases the cost of the travelers as these agencies charge unbelievable amount of money for the same service and package in order to earn a profit. Our cost includes and cost excludes section explicitly defines the what is included in our tour packages. So we are transparent with our tour costs. We don’t support and promote any hidden costs.

Cultural experiences

We don’t simply encourage sightseeing tours. We want our customers to enjoy the rich cultural experiences at offer during a trip. So we offer you cultural experiences during your visit to any place. So our tours include a Tharu Stick dance in your travel to Chitwan, cultural dance while you are in Kathmandu, visit monuments and shrines of the places you go to etc. So you will not only have a feel of the place you go to but be immersed in the cultural learnings as well.

Variety of tours

We offer a variety of tours according to the different types of locations you want to visit and the budget you have allocated for your trip. We generally promote small groups but we also make exceptions for larger groups. In addition, we also organize tours that don’t have a fixed schedule if you are looking for flexible trips.

Responsible tourism

We promote the value of responsible tourism with our customers and with the people of the various places you will go to. This will help to preserve not only the beauty of the place you go to now but even in the future. This will ensure that the environment and natural as well as cultural beauty of a place is well-preserved.

Value for your trips

You might come across some travel companies that offer you cheaper tours than we do. But if you match the accommodation, value, and experience that you will have during your trips, you can be assured that nobody can beat us in providing full value of the trip that you have undertaken.

High-quality customer service

If you have any queries for a trip that you want to make with us, we will take the best possible measure to get back to you as soon as we can. When you are on a trip, you can reach to us easily asking your guide to make contact with us. Hence the customer services that we provide of the highest order.