Helicopter ride to Everest Base Camp in Winter Doable? December, January, and February

  • Saroj Dahal
  • Feb 5, 2023

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Helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp in December, January, and February (Winter)

People don't know that they can make Everest helicopter tours in Winter. Many tours and travel companies in Nepal promote Spring and Autumn as the best time for the Everest tour. But, the winter months like December, January, and February are also the best times of the year for this. Winter has its unique beauty, and on top, the Himalayas in Winter is a landscape to witness.

For the westerners, winter is the time for the holiday. They want to get the most out of the Himalayas by touring in December and January. It's also the festive season for them. Thus, for them, a helicopter landing on Everest Base Camp is a perfect day tour in the Himalayas to celebrate Christmas and the New Year with loved ones. What would you ask more than being close to the family while touring Everest in a helicopter?

In December, January, and February, the sun shines for an average of six hours in the Everest region. It makes the sky crispy and has utmost visibility around the landscape. The rain-free days in December, January, and February make the flight rate a 100% success. You don't have to worry about the cancellation or postponement of flights. Thus, the clear sky of Winter makes the Everest base camp helicopter tour a wonderful viewing day.

The snow starts to fall as the winter begins in Nepal. The freshly deposited snow in Everest, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, and more makes the peaks alluring. The ridges, frozen glacial lakes, and icefalls make the viewing unparalleled. Even a short window of 15 minutes for sightseeing would be the longest scenic break of your life. 

The apt gears and warm clothes on the helicopter tour make the Everest viewing gentle. On top, a photography camera with you captures the memories of Everest for life. 
Everest base camp helicopter tour in Winter

Everest Base Camp weather in December

December is the beginning of winter in Nepal. Early mornings and nights are usually cold at Everest Base Camp in December. But, the bright daytime sun and clear sky make the helicopter viewing experience from Kala Patthar the best.

On a day in December, while trekking over 3000 meters, you'll feel the cold even if the sun shines. But, if you want a peaceful trail, it's the best time to trek to EBC. Further, an off-season in December also makes the helicopter tour in Everest less crowded. You can get the utmost benefit of a private Everest helicopter tour on the clearest day of December.

Everest Base Camp temperature in December

The average daytime temperature in Everest base camp in December is 4°C. But, in Lukla and Namche Bazar, the temperature rises to an average of 7°C. The average day time in December is seven hours which causes a drop in temperature. 

The night temperature in the Everest base camp drops to an average of -14°C. At lower altitudes like Lukla and Namche, night temperature averages of -6°C.

In December, the wind speed of almost 12 mph makes a considerable drop in morning and evening temperature.

Everest Base Camp weather in January

It never rains in January, so the sightseeing never gets obstructed. You may encounter some snowfall while touring Everest Base Camp by helicopter. 

On a clear day in January, an Everest base camp helicopter flight is best for sightseeing. It makes the panorama of Mt. Everest, Makalu, Ama Dablam are transparent to the most. Also, the less crowded tour makes the day in the Himalayas serene.

Everest Base Camp temperature in January

January is the coldest among all the winter months in Nepal. The shorter winter days make the daytime temperature at Everest Base Camp drop to an average of 2°C. But, at Namche Bazar and lower altitude, the daytime temperature averages 6°C.

At night, the temperature here falls to unbearable -17°C. If you trek to Everest in January, don't forget to carry decent down jackets and sleeping bags. 

In January, at Everest base camp, the fierce wind of 12 mph makes the morning and evening further chilly.

Everest Base Camp weather in February

February is the end of Winter. It is also a month for love and loved ones. To celebrate the sightseeing of Everest with loved ones, you must know the weather and temperature of the month. 

Some snowfalls at higher altitudes might make the trip further remarkable. The best view of Everest is possible in the clear days of February. 

The gentle weather and utmost visibility make the Everest helicopter landing tour sublime. With the approaching summer, the February days are pretty warmer than January.

Everest Base Camp temperature in February

Thanks to the seven-hour-long sunny day, the daytime temperature in February rises to an average of 4.3°C. This gentle temperature makes helicopter viewing of Everest a fantastic experience. Also, for trekkers, the snow on the trail melts and becomes easier for hiking. 

The night temperature falls to -14°C. As the flight happens during the day, you don't have to worry about the night temperature. But, if you are trekking to Everest base camp, you must carry a couple of warm jackets and sleeping bags. 

In February, the wind speed averages 12 mph.

To put the temperature of Everest Base Camp in Winter in a clear picture here's a tabular representation to make your search easier.


Average Day

Average Night
Average Wind
    December   4°C   -14 °C   12 mph
   January    2°C   -17 °C   12 mph
   February   4.3°C   -14 °C   12 mph

What makes Everest helicopter tours landing in December, January, and February best.

  • Perfect time for western travelers who have Winter as the holiday season and want to explore the Himalayas in luxurious style. 
  • Gentle temperature and crystal clear sky for the perfect viewing experience of the world's highest mountain, Mt. Everest from possible close range.
  • Being off-season, it’s a perfect time for a private helicopter flight because of a smaller crowd of travelers. 
  • For the bird’s eye view of mountains stuffed with a thick layer of winter snow.
  • Aerial view of sparkling frozen glacial lakes, ridges, and icefalls.
  • Scenic flight from Kathmandu to snow-covered Lukla, Namche Bazar, Pheriche. 
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