How Much Does It Cost to Climb Mount Everest

  • Ram Khadka
  • Nov 3, 2023
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Conquering the summit of Mount Everest is not an easy task as the trail ahead is challenging. However, many travelers still seek to travel to Nepal to fulfill their goals. Yet, not everyone will have the budget to accomplish the feat of conquering Mount Everest at 8,848m. The Everest Mountain summit trek will cost you around $35,000 to $60,000 per person. The total cost includes the payments for guides and porters, food, gear, climbing permits, and other necessities of the trek.

In addition, you must be aware that travel costs depend on where you live and your preference for transport. The flight cost will range from a few hundred dollars to over $1,000 to fly to Nepal.

Moreover, the food and lodging facilities will cost around $400 to $1,000 per person in total depending on your preferences for food and accommodation.

Yet, you can still tread to the summit by accommodating yourself at tea houses for $5 per night and $15 per meal. It will definitely help you save money and avoid extra costs at the tea houses.

All in all, there are 5 major expenses you must consider during your trek to the Everest summit:

  1. Travel
  2. Permits
  3. Insurance
  4. Equipment, Supplies, and Gear
  5. Guides and porters


Your Everest summit begins from the starting point at Lukla 2,860m, just as with the classic Everest Base Camp Trek. The transportation will vary accordingly throughout the trail. So, your cost of transportation depends on your choice of means of transportation from the moment you leave your country.

  • Airfare is $1000 to $3000 (depending on the class and excess baggage)
  • Transportation (Kathmandu to Lukla $350 - per person)
  • Hotel and food  $300 to $700 (On delays)
  • Nepal Visa cost $100
  • Immunizations $200
  • Yaks round trip to and from Base camp: (R.S 2000 - 5000 per day/weight limit 65–70 kgs)


The permit cost for your Everest Summit trek is fixed at the price of $11,000 per person from Nepal. You must know that the permit will only give you permission to climb Mount Everest. The Everest Summit trek also requires a local company to organize your permit at a cost of $2500 per team including the Liaison Officer cost of $3000 per team. In addition, the trekking company also takes a refundable deposit of $4000.


Travel insurance is really important if you are planning on trekking at high altitudes. Thus, it is mandatory for you to get yourself an insurance policy that covers your trek adequately. Make sure the travel insurance company is reliable and consider factors such as flight cancellations and delays.

The travel insurance cost will normally cost you around $3,000. However, certain policies and other coverage along the trek will also determine the total cost of the insurance like:

  • Evacuation Insurance $70 ~ $500
  • Trip cancellation coverage – $3,000
  • Medical fee $500
  • Private helicopter evacuation from $5,000 – $20,000 depending on the locations 
  • Doctors fee $2,500/team or $600 per climber

Equipment, Supplies, and Gear

On your Everest Summit trek, you must stay warm and consume an adequate amount of food throughout the trail. You will also have the option to cook your own food on the Everest Summit trek. 

Most of the people use the help of Nepali cooks and helpers on the trek for food as it costs around  $5,000 for base camp. Furthermore, the cost gets in the ballpark of $800 per person for food and fuel over a six-week climb to Mount Everest.

In addition, you will require hiking boots, a down jacket, clothing layers, gloves, sleeping bags, and more on the Everest Summit trek. The total cost of this equipment will be at least cost you around $7,000.

The gear and equipment are a must as they offer you comfort and ease on the Everest Summit trek. So we have made a list and cost of the basic necessities for your adventure ahead.

  • Food and fuel $800 per person for -weeks
  • Cooks $5,000 per cook and assistant -6 weeks
  • Full Medical kit $500 – $1,000 
  • Satellite phone (own) $1,000 to $3,000 depending on usage
  • Tents $3,000  (sleeping, cooking, toilet, storage - 3 people)
  • Cooks $5,000 per cook and assistant -6 weeks
  • Food and fuel $800 per person -6 weeks
  • Gear allowance for Sherpas -$2,000
  • Climbing Support $3,650 – $8,650
  • Oxygen $550/bottle - 5 bottles $2,750 
  • Oxygen Regulator $450
  • Oxygen Mask (Summit Oxygen) $450
  • Climbing Sherpa $5,000 per Person 

Guides and Porters

Guides are an important part of the trek and act as a leader of the Everest Summit trek expedition. The guides make the decisions on your journey to the summit and the other way around.

The standard cost of a professional guide is around $80 per day to the summit of Mount Everest. Along with the guides, a porter will act as a support as he will carry all the food and equipment during the trek. The porters will carry 20-25 kg of maximum luggage during the trek.

You will pay the porters $30-$40 for their hard effort and bravery on the Everest Summit. He is the strong one who will lift your loads and keep them protected.


The Everest Summit trek is an extremely high-altitude trek on the magnificent Everest region of Nepal. You will hike on thrilling passes and strenuous trails throughout the trek on the magnificent journey to the top of the world’s deadliest mountain.

So, you will need to be in the best shape of your life to conquer the summit of Mount Everest. The trek is 4-6 hours of climbing in the extreme conditions of the high Himalayas. Thus, you need to prepare for 8 or more months prior to the start of the trek.

Indulge yourself in cardio exercises like jogging, swimming, and cycling. Hit the gym and dedicate yourself to the exercise routine every day. Overall, the total price of the training regime will be around $8,000.


This article is an overview of the cost of the Everest Summit trek. So, you must consider all the details listed above to determine the budget prior to the start of the trek. However, you must be aware that the cost will significantly increase if you prefer Deluxe facilities on the route.

Yet, the cost will definitely vary according to the various items and aspects of the Everest Summit trek. So, you must spend wisely and ensure the best services inside your comfort zone for a memorable and cheap trek expedition.

Before deciding on the Everest summit trek you can try to do the Everest base camp trek or the Everest base camp helicopter tour to get the experience of the Everest region.

Ram Khadka
Ram Khadka

CEO and Managing Director at Sublime Trails Trekking, Ram has been leading adventure-hungry souls into the mountains of Nepal for over 15 years.