Manaslu Circuit Larke-la Pass Trek Difficulty

  • Saroj Dahal
  • Dec 10, 2022

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Manaslu Circuit Trek Difficulty falls in moderate to challenging grades, based on the altitude, time in a year, what you carry, and how well you prepare your fitness for the trek.

Still, in 2022, trekkers consider Manaslu Circuit Trek Route as off-the-beaten trekking in Nepal. While trekking for 14 days in the Manaslu region, crossing Larke Pass at 5,135 meters, and exploring every element the route offers, you'll consider this trek the junket of your lifetime. Nowhere on earth matches your wholesome cheerfulness of Manaslu Circuit Trek.

As the trekking route is arduous at different places with an added long hour hike on the rugged high-altitude terrain, you'll feel tired midway through this trek. Also, when altitude sickness kicks in, you'll have a nightmare. But preparing your body well with regular physical training before joining the Manaslu Circuit Trek in 2023 equips you for this adventure of your lifetime.

This blog, Manaslu Circuit Trek Difficulty, is a well-detailed blog written with consultation with our experienced trek guides, who have been guiding in Manaslu for a decade now.

Factors to consider on Manaslu Circuit Trek Difficulty

Here are some factors that contribute hugely to making Manaslu Trek Difficulty.

Manaslu Circuit Trekking Route

Manaslu circuit trek difficulty

From the Soti Khola to Besisahar, Manaslu Circuit is 177 kilometers or 110 miles. Completing this long route in 14 or 15 days requires you to hike for almost 8 km each day. And you have to walk for 7 hours each day to complete the itinerary.

Further, the hike through diverse terrain with different climatic zones, especially after 3,500 meters, can be challenging. Crossing Larke Pass at 5,135 with thin oxygen slows down the pace and tires you quickly.

Even though it's arduous with long hiking hours, the scenic panorama keeps you entertained.

Time in a year

Depending on the time of year you plan your Manaslu Circuit Trek, the difficulty can vary.

Known for towering hills, cascading rivers, and boulder faces, Manaslu Circuit can be entertaining and risky simultaneously. In Manaslu, summer, especially the rainy season till late August, receives heavy downpours. Due to this, the trekking trail gets damaged by landslides. You'll need help finding any paths to traverse forward. Thus, there are better times to plan this trek than summer.

Leech, the trekker's nightmare above 1,500 meters altitude, becomes an issue even in early Autumn. Just a minute of a light rain shower can trigger the leeches and cause nightmares for trekkers.

Another element making the Manaslu Circuit Trek Difficulty is deep snowfall in winter. Even experienced hikers find it challenging to traverse through Larke Pass and hike to Dharamshala on a single day. The extreme cold and closed tea houses in winter make walking the most challenging time.

In Autumn and Spring, you'll be in the heaven of inspiring landscapes of the Manaslu region.

Altitude Sickness

Altitude sickness directly relates to Manaslu Circuit Trek Difficulty. Above 3,000 meters, the tree line decreases, and you'll only see bushes and thorns. As of this, atmospheric pressure and oxygen levels deplete, and trekkers suffer altitude sickness.

The beautiful scenery of Manaslu gives you the pleasant experience of sightseeing and the high altitude sickness symptoms. The typical high-altitude symptoms include headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, shortness of breath, and fatigue. You'll have to stop, get acclimated, resume the hike, take a helicopter evacuation, or descend to a lower altitude to be safe.

Backpack and trekking gear

For 14 days of Manaslu Circuit Trek, you must carry decent trekking gear and a backpack with essentials. A whole bag can weigh more than 14kg, which is huge when it comes to taking it for 14 days, 7 hours, and 8 km daily.

Carrying different gear and backpacks can be tiring, especially if you don't have a habit of treks and hikes. Many trekkers struggle to hike, and on top, carrying the heavy backpack for them becomes unbearable and only increases the Manaslu Circuit Trek Difficulty.

Physical fitness

Manaslu Trek is not a recommended hike for first-time trekkers. But if you insist, you must have good physical fitness to hike constantly and be in a group.

Your poor physical fitness level can be burdensome for you, your trek guide, and your group. If you can't hike for 7 hours, 10km, for 14 days, plan this trek after you walk some starter treks like Annapurna Base Camp Trek and Mardi Himal Trek.

Mount Manaslu Trek Difficulty

Strategies to lower the Manaslu Circuit Trek Difficulty

Here are some strategies widely practiced by trekkers to eliminate most difficulties in Manaslu Trek. You might also find some help if you're looking for Manaslu Circuit Trek fixed departure trek in 2023.

Overcoming altitude sickness

You can practice following steps to lower the risk of altitude sickness in Manaslu Trek.

  • Remaining hydrated throughout the day is essential. So, drinking 3l of water with added electrolyte and chlorine tablets ensures rehydration and lowers the risk of altitude sickness.

  • Consuming adequate meals, a proper diet, chocolate bars, and snacks can reenergize you quickly and, thus, prevents altitude sickness.

  • Avoid consuming coffee, smoking, and alcoholic beverages to eliminate dehydration.

  • Consult with your trek guide right after you feel difficulty in breathing. Consuming Diamox 250 mg and other medicines can help you in difficult times if you get altitude sickness.

  • Acclimate well so that your body adapts to the increasing high altitude.

Plan your trek at the best time of a year

The vibrant colors of Autumn and Spring are the best time for Manaslu Circuit Trek. The blossoming rhododendron of Spring or the golden paddy farming on the terraces at low lands in Manaslu, everything in the Autumn and Spring months are heart stealers.

The rain-free days, crystal clear weather, snow-capped mountains, greenery, and inspiring scenery of Manaslu in these months make it an ideal time for trekkers to plan the trip.

Hiring a porter for carrying a backpack

A porter is necessary for this 14 days Manaslu Circuit Trek. A porter can carry a 30 kg backpack when shared with two trekkers. The minimum wage of a porter varies, but you can get one at USD15 for a day. With all loads carried by a porter, you can have a hydration bag and essentials for a day with you, making the hike comfortable.

To save porters cost, you can take a guided, all-inclusive Manaslu Circuit Trek in 2023 with Sublime Trails. We provide one porter to two trekkers for free on your Manaslu Circuit Trek Package purchase from us. A porter and the guide will be with you throughout the trek.

How to be physically fit for Manaslu Trek?

Your physical fitness can reduce the Manaslu Circuit Trek difficulty while hiking. To be fit for all-day long hikes, participate in day hikes and half-marathons, train with fitness coaches for cardiovascular exercises, learn breathing techniques, etc. With these exercises for two months before the departure of this trek, your body can withstand the hike on remote trails in Manalsu.

Hire a local agency for a safe Manaslu Circuit Trek experience

Local agencies in Nepal are the best in the world when it comes to high-altitude trekking in Nepal. All the guides and porters involved in the trek have years of experience on high-altitude terrain. On top of that, you'll get directions that have been on the route for years.

Sublime Trails is a leading local agency in Nepal specializing in treks, tours, and climbing. Our excellent trek guides, sturdy porters, handpicked itineraries, well-planned logistics, and ultimate value experience for trekkers make us a favorite local agency.

Our all-inclusive Manaslu Circuit Trek in Spring 2023 is now open for reservations. You can secure your spot on the fixed departure team with selected clients. We ensure that Manaslu Circuit Trek Difficulty for you will be easier with our fantastic trek crews.

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