Mount Everest Sleeping Beauty - Mystery Revealed

  • Karan
  • Nov 5, 2023
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American climber Francys Arsentiev aka "Sleeping Beauty of Mount Everest" was said so after passing away while on an expedition there in 1998. As she pushes herself to the limit to fulfill her dream of climbing the highest peak in the world, her story is one of tragedy and inspiration.

Francys was born in Wisconsin, USA, on May 18, 1958. She grew up in a climbing family and was introduced to the outdoors at a young age. She started mountaineering in her 20s and advanced quickly, conquering some of the highest peaks on the planet.

Francys decided to attempt climbing Mount Everest in 1998. She joined an expedition headed by Sergei, a Russian mountaineer. 

After Francys Arsentiev passed away, her body stayed on Mount Everest for several years. However, a group of climbers who were on a mission to remove the bodies of dead climbers from the mountain eventually discovered and recovered her remains in 2007.

Her body was discovered close to the northeast ridge of the mountain. She was still attached to her climbing ropes and equipment, according to the climbers who discovered her body.

Why Did She Get the Name ‘Sleeping Beauty of Everest’?

A corpse takes time to rot in cold places. And if the place is as cold as Everest, the corpse takes a lot of time to decay. So the dead on Everest don’t feel dead when you take a look at them. 

Since Francys was lying dead in the Everest region for more than a decade, she might have looked like a person who was sleeping there. And she might have been associated with the childish story of the sleeping beauty. And the rumor might have flown around, explaining why she is called the sleeping beauty of Everest. 

What Were Francys Arsentiev’s Last Words?

The truth is no one knows the last words of Francys Asentiev. She was all alone when she died. She was probably freezing, and unconscious. And whatever she might have said might have been nonsense anyhow because she was out of her mind then.

“Don’t leave me” are often the words that are associated with her. A mountaineer who abandoned her on Mt. Everest and left her to die is reported to say so. 

Everest Expedition

In an Everest expedition, a group of climbers cooperates to ascend Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world. Some of the major components of an Everest expedition could include acclimatization, climbing, forming groups, and getting to the top and back.

There have been many expeditions to Everest. After Hillary and Tenzing climbed Mt. Everest, it has been a dream of many to go on an Everest expedition like Sleeping Beauty. And like her, many have died as well.

Climbing Everest Without Oxygen

It is a breathtakingly amazing accomplishment to ascend Everest without the use of oxygen, but it is also very risky and could be fatal. It is not advised for novice climbers or those who have never ascended to a high altitude. The mountain and its challenges must be respected and attempted with the utmost caution.

This tale of the sleeping beauty of Everest must frighten you to try climbing Everest without oxygen. Many people have climbed Everest without oxygen too. This number increases every year. And a greater upsurge is to be seen in the future.

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Final Thoughts

Attempting to climb Everest without oxygen is risky. If you don’t plan well, you might face death while trying to go to Everest without oxygen. Let the tragic tale of Sleeping Beauty teach you a thing or two. If you are keen to explore Everest in one day, you can go for an Everest base camp helicopter tour.


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