Day Tours

Building up a whole lifetime of sweet memories to remember by the fireside on a cold winter day

Time spent visiting the ancient cities of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and the lovely City of Lakes Pokhara, gives you some exclusive Day Tours that defy your expectations; with insights into Nepalese culture and tradition this is only a part of what Sublime Trails offers its clients in our Day Tour programs that extend to so much more.

As we tread the urban backdrops of the three medieval cities of the bowl shaped valley of Kathmandu, there is a wealth of culture and nature that beckons beyond the horizons. Ensconced amidst the lush greenery are UNESCO declared world Heritage monuments that are specimens of artistic workmanship almost as old as the sun. The villages and small towns dotting the landscape provide charming glimpses of Nepals colorful vibrant rural life. The Kathmandu Valley is not very big (about 20 by 25 km), and any visitor with a keen eye for history can blend several sites in a casual nutshell of a whole day without being hectic.

Tourists who are cramped on time or aged citizens (above 60 years old} can relish superb options of DAY TOURS in Nepal. At Sublime Trails, we arrange day tours in Kathmandu and out of the Kathmandu valley, it can include day hiking in Nagarjun, day hiking in Nagarkot, day tours of the tiny perky but beautiful hamlet of ancient Dhulikhel, hiking in Namobudhha, or Khokana, Palanchowk Bhagawati temple etc, the choices are numerous in these lovely little jewels of Nepals natural eco-systems. Our Day Tours can be a surplus bonus on conclusion of a trek on Nepals famous Himalayas. For some, holidays in Nepal are an once-in-a-lifetime happening, take the plunge with Sublime Trails; we will escort you to places most others dont even think of. Our day tours include: day hikes, heli-tours, one night excursions, interesting heritage tours and mountain biking across rural trails on the outskirts of Kathmandu

Let loose your inner hippy instincts in lovely Pokhara, stay in warm cosy teahouses while enjoying apple pie in some of the most remote regions in the world, taste fantastic spicy Newari soups curries, get swept up in the bustling warmth color of ancient kathmandu where the never ending clanging bells put you into blissful sleep; it all happens here and nowhere else.