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Welcome you to Nepal! We are Sublime Trails and are dedicated to giving you the best Mt. Everest Base Camp helicopter tour experience that can be. Everything that you will need such as transportation, accommodation, guide, and porter will be taken care of by us. All you have to do is contact us for one of our tour packages.

Nature elicits in us, a sense of peace and relaxation. Maybe this is why most of us would prefer a beach or the mountains and hills for a peaceful vacation to lay off the burden of the contemporary mundane life.

Nepal, in fact, happens to be a paradise for nature lovers. With the Himalayas running across the entire northern region, Nepal sees a lot of trekkers every year. Amongst them all, Everest Base Camp, offering the magnificent view of the highest peak in the world, happens to be one of the most popular treks.

The journey to the Base Camp is a strenuous one and demands an above average body fitness and health conditions. But why should a view from the base camp be only for those with the time, age, and physical fitness?

Making the view available to all, we can facilitate the Mt. Everest Base camp helicopter tour. This flight is the only next best alternative to experience the thrill of the altitude and above all the glorious view of the Himalayas.

This is a one-day trip to the base camp. It will otherwise take you at least 14 days (Everest base camp trek - 14 days) to complete this trek from Lukla and about 20 days from Jiri (Jiri to Everest base camp trek). So you get to save up not only on your time but also on the effort to gain the experience of the white peaks.

On your Mt. Everest base camp helicopter tour, you will fly over the Sherpa villages with the glaciers glistening along the horizon at the level of your eyesight and below you- Everest (8,848m), Mt. Nuptse, Mt. Pumori, Mt. Lhotse, Mt Cho Oyu and several other white peaks located in the Everest region.

You will halt at the Basecamp, famous for the view of Khumbu Glacier and Kalapathar, one of the major highlight of this trip for its breathtaking close-up view of the Everest peak and other adjoining ranges. On your way back you will halt at Hotel Everest View, Syangboche for Breakfast.

Above all, the Mt. Everest base camp helicopter tour package will make the best present to surprise your loved ones on their birthday or any other special occasion. Any further description of the tour would simply be an understatement to what you can actually experience through it.

In the Duration of your flight, your professional pilot will help you identify the peaks as you fly over them. The highlight of the Mt. Everest base camp tour is the stop at the Everest View Hotel at Syangboche for a breakfast on your way back. You will then fly back to Kathmandu, and drive back to your hotel.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Highlights

  • The view from the flight is a breathtaking one. You can expect to see-Everest (8,848m), Mt. Pumori(7,156m), Mt. Nuptse(7,864m), Mt. Lhotse(8513m), Mt Cho Oyu(8,153m).
  • You will also be flying over hills, rivers and beautiful village settlements.
  • The flight will halt at Kalapathar, the best spot to get the best view of the entire Everest Range.
  • The flight will also halt at Syangboche where you can enjoy a good breakfast with the most magnificent view of the hills and the mountains.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter One Day Tour Itinerary

  1. Early morning at about 5 am, you will be transferred to Kathmandu domestic airport. From Kathmandu, you will take a flight to Lukla, the gateway of the Sherpa Villages.
  2. After refuelling in Lukla, you will fly to the Everest Base Camp in Tengboche, Dingboche, Gorakshep Villages and Khumbu glacier.
  3. You will halt in the Base Camp for about 10 min. This is to allow your body to adjust to the changing pressure. The Base Camp is known for its view of the Khumbu Glacier.
  4. This ultimate helicopter ride gives you some of the best mountain views and sceneries. The flight will land in Kalapathar. The view from this spot is beyond description.
  5. From Kalapathar, you will halt at Syangboche(Hotel Everest view) to take tea/coffee or Breakfast. Syangboche has an excellent view of Mt. Everest and its ranges.
  6. You will then fly back to Lukla. Depending upon the flight schedule, you can expect to reach Lukla by 12 noon.
  7. After refuelling in Lukla you will then fly to Kathmandu. Our transportation service will be waiting at the domestic terminal of Kathmandu airport to receive you and transfer you to your respective hotel.

Why Everest Helicopter Tour?

The Mt. Everest base camp helicopter tour is the only alternative to get the closest view of the highest peak in the world and experience such elevated altitude without much effort.

Not everyone can afford to pull off 6-8 hours of walk in a day for about 13 days under extreme conditions. The constraints could be time schedule or physical. With this tour package, any individual regardless of the physical conditions and time schedule can get a chance to experience the serenity and magnanimity of the white mountain ranges.

Thank you for choosing Sublime Trails. We hope you remember us on your next visit to Nepal.

Here is Everest Base Camp Trek FAQs that you might find helpful. 

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