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Key Information

  • Destination:
  • Accommodation:
    3 Star Hotel + Tea House Lodge
  • Trip Style:
    Trekking and Hiking
  • Foods:
    Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner
  • Transportation:
    Private Vehicle + Domestic Flight
  • Min Person:
  • Trip Plan:
    All Inclusive
  • Pick Up Details:
    Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu under your name and Sublime Trails Sign Board

About Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp trek is a bucket-list trek for mountain enthusiasts all over the world. This 15 days trekking takes you to once in a lifetime experience of living in the isolated parts of the Himalayas surrounded by astounding views of the mountains. This trek starting and ending from the hustle-bustle of Kathmandu city takes you up to 5555 meters at the top of Kalapatthar. 

The Everest Base Camp Trek itinerary is designed to take you through many unique villages and scenic valleys full of natural vistas. The Everest Base Camp lies inside the Sagarmatha National Park, home to many mountains higher than 8000 meters, different species of plants and animals and indigenous people like Sherpas. This strenuous trek expects you to have prior preparation or experience of trekking in a mountainous region. When taken this in regard, and with the combined effort of your experienced guides and your persistence, Everest Base Camp trekking can be one of the best experiences of your life.


Highlights of Everest Base Camp trek

Kathmandu-Lukla Flight

The trek to Everest Base Camp starts with the plane flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. Almost 35 minutes of the flight will be full of scenic views of the landscapes. As soon as you depart from Kathmandu airport, you will get the top view of the Kathmandu valley and its surrounding hills and forests. Which is followed by the view of hills covered with lush forests, rivers, waterfalls and picturesque village. As you approach Lukla, the view of the snow-capped mountains and the landscapes of the Khumbu region looks amazing. The plane lands at Tenzing Hillary Airport which is considered to be one of the thrilling airports in the world due to its short runway.

The Sherpas, tradition, and culture

Everest Base Camp trek enables you to get a closer insight into the life of isolated indigenous people living in villages far from modern life. Sherpa people famous for their courage and mountain climbing capabilities are also great at hospitality. This trek is also a chance to witness the rich Tibetan Buddhism followed by Sherpas. Along the trail, you will mani walls, Chortens, Kanis, etc. decorated by prayer flags and prayer wheels.


Sagarmatha National Park

Most of the part of the Everest Base Camp trail lies inside the Sagarmatha National Park. The park is filled with thousands of species of flora specific to the Himalayan region and diverse fauna. Sagarmatha National Park is home to various exotic animals like Musk deer, Himalayan giant Thar and Snow Leopard. If you get lucky, you can see one or more of these exotic animals along the trail. Most of the trail is covered with rhododendron, oak and pine forest and you may see blooming flowers depending on the season.


Tengboche Monastery, Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar

The main highlight of the trip is standing at the foot of the world's highest mountain, Mt. Everest. 

Reaching the Everest Base Camp, you get the best view of mountains like Lhotse and Nuptse. But, to catch awesome views of Everest, you have to trek up to the top of Kalapatthar. Everest and adjacent peaks look amazing during sunrise and sunset from there. Another mountain viewpoint you reach during the early days of Everest Base Camp trekking is Tengboche Monastery. This monastery is also best to place to learn about Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan architecture and tradition of people living in the Himalayas.


Glorious views of the Himalayas and the Landscape

The trail that leads you to the Everest Base Camp is equally rewarding as reaching the destination itself. The Himalayan landscape filled with traditional houses, farms, rivers, waterfalls, rhododendron and pine forests makes your journey memorable. Ever since you start your journey from Lukla, you will be rewarded with spectacular views of the mountains. The views get better as you trek toward your destination. Tengboche and Kala Patthar are the best viewpoints to behold the landscapes of this region. You can expect to see the mountains such as Everest, Ama Dablam, Cho  Oyu, Lhotse, Nuptse, Lobuche, etc. 

Regular route to Everest Base Camp

Lukla - Phakding - Namche - Tengboche - Dingboche - Lobuche - Gorekshep - Pheriche - Namche - Lukla - Kathmadnu

The regular Everest Base Camp trek starts from Lukla. You will walk towards Phakding first and trek to Namche the next day. You will take acclimatization rest at Namche and resume trekking to Tengboche and Dingboche after that. At Dingboche, you will take your second acclimatization rest and continue the trek the next day. You will then trek to Lobuche and Gorak Shep. Gorak Shep will be your last station. You will trek to Everest Base Camp and Kalapatthar and return to Gorak Shep.

You can follow the same route to return back or take a slightly different route. If you take a different route, you will descend to Pheriche from Gorak Shep and stay at Pheriche. The next day, you will trek to Namche via Phortse. It normally takes 15 days to complete this trip.

Best time to do Everest Base Camp trek

September - November, March-May

Autumn and Spring seasons are considered to be the best time for Everest Base Camp trek. In these seasons weather becomes calm and favorable for the trekkings. During the day, you can complete the trek easily with just shorts and t-shirts on. You may need a down jacket while trekking at high altitudes and/or fleece during the evenings and early mornings. The temperature is average so you don’t have to endure the extreme cold during the trek. The humidity is also low in these seasons with less probability of rainfall. 

Even though winter days are cold and windy in the Everest region, you can pursue the trek if you feel like you can bear the low temperature. Because the view of the landscapes is best in this season. Summer trekking is also possible if you prepare for the rainy days keeping yourself and your belongings waterproof.

The difficulty of Everest Base Camp trek

Everest Base Camp trek falls in strenuous grade. Strenuous treks demand a high level of strength and physical fitness. You will have to stay at an altitude more than 5000 m for a few days. The trek can be completed in almost 15 days. It becomes more difficult as the altitude increases.

However, you can pull off the trek if you prepare yourself well before the trip. You are expected to do some cardio exercises, hiking, kayaking, etc. one month prior to the trip. You can also get involved in weight training to develop muscle strength.  


Weather and temperature along the trail

Weather conditions in the Everest region depend upon the seasons. In summer the weather is unpredictable. The rainfall might occur almost at any time of the day. The temperature drops low during rainfall and might be hot the other time.

Spring and Autumn are when the weather conditions are stable and calm. Nights might get a bit chilly but the temperature is bearable. The days are warm most of the time.

During winter, the days are cold and windy and nights are even colder. The temperature level drops to below freezing point. There might even occur episodes of snowfall and snow blizzard in the high altitude region. 

Accommodation during the trek

During the Everest Base Camp trek, you will have two types of accommodation. During your days in Kathmandu, you will stay at a 3-star hotel and during the trek, you will stay at tea houses. These tea houses are run by local people and provide you with minimalistic but proper services and clean beds. The room will be private rooms with a twin triple sharing basis.


Food and water during the trek

Your hotel in Kathmandu provides you breakfast while for other meals, you are recommended to try other restaurants in the city providing amazing multi-cuisine food.

Tea houses along the trail provide food rich in carbohydrates and protein. As the trekking takes you to higher places, there will be fewer food options to choose from. For three meals, there is food like noodles, pasta, rice, vegetables, Dal Bhat, eggs, etc. At Lukla and Namche, you can find additional food like bakery items, pizzas, and beverages. 

Three meals, breakfast, dinner, and lunch are included in the package while you have to carry extra snacks you need like chocolates and energy bars. You can also buy some snacks on tea houses which may cost you more. Tea house where you have your meal lets you fill your water bottles while you can refill your bottles with tap water and use the water purification pill.


Trek durations 

Among the 15 days of trekking, you will spend two days in Kathmandu, and two days acclimatizing in Namche and Dingboche. During the trekking days, you will walk for an average of 5-6 hours a day. Some days require you to walk as little as 3 hours while some days you need to walk for about 8 hours. The terrain of Everest Base Camp trekking trail varies from beginning till the end. Some routes are flat and even and you can cover up to 4 kilometers in an hour. But, some uphill climbing in rocky trail slows you a lot and you can only cover less distance in the same time. The trail gets tough as you approach the Base Camp.


Trek starting time and ending time 

Usually, trekking starts at 8 am after your breakfast at 7 am and you will continue walking till lunchtime at about 1 pm. After resting for some time, you will again continue your trek until you reach your destination of the day. While trekking, make sure that you are walking slowly but steadily. Walking fast drains your energy and makes is hard to complete expected distance while also keeping you at risk of injuries.


Commonly Asked Questions by Trekkers

Can I take shower during the Everest Base Camp trek?

Yes, you can take a shower during the Everest Base Camp Trek. The tea houses you will be staying in will provide you with the facility. You can take a hot shower and you have to pay an extra price for that. The price gets expensive as the altitude increases.


How much weight can one porter carry?

On average, a porter can carry up to 30 kg. But once you have to share the porter with another trekker, he will carry up to 15 kg luggage per person. If you have to carry more than 15 kg, you can either carry the extra weight by yourself or pay an extra charge. 

Can I use the internet during the Everest Base Camp trek?

Yes, you can use the internet most of the time during Everest Base Camp trek. The easiest way to access the internet is by using mobile data provided by Nepal Telecom and Ncell. It will be fast enough to make video calls, etc. However, the network might not be available in some remote places. 

Another option is using Everest Trek Internet access with an extra charge, which will work all the way to Everest Base Camp.


Does cell phone work on the way to Everest Base Camp?

Yes, the cell phone works in most of the areas. You can use SIM cards of Ncell and Ntc to make calls. The network might not be available in some places but there will be no problem for communication. You can charge your cell phone at tea houses but they take extra charge for that service. In peak seasons, you might even have to stay in queue to charge your phone and batteries. 

How can I prevent altitude sickness?

You will have to take proper acclimatization rest to prevent altitude sickness. Don’t rush to get to the destination and take your trek slow and steady. It is necessary to stay hydrated during the trek. You should avoid alcoholic beverages as they cause dehydration. If your body shows any signs of altitude sickness, you should stop going further or descend back. Take Diamox or equivalent medicine with you but you need to consult your doctor before taking the medicine.

Why Everest base camp trek with Sublime Trails


The high trip success rate

While traveling with Sublime Trails, you can rest assured about a lot of things. We have a high success rate because we take every measure necessary to make a trip successful. We offer you the perfect trip based on your experience, physical strength, and preparation.

Proper acclimatization 

Acclimatization is very crucial when you are trekking in regions where you rapidly gain altitude. During Everest Base Camp trek, you will acclimatize twice after crossing 3000 meters and 4000 meters at Namche and Dingboche respectively.

Safety instruction is provided at the best level

Since the time you decide the trek, we will be there to let you know all the dos and don'ts of the Everest Base Camp trek. Before and during the trek, you should take the instruction of experts seriously and you will complete the trek with no problem at all.

Great guides with experience 

During the trek, you might want to do lots of new things for adrenaline. Aventure is a key point for trekking in the Everest region but, only our expert can know when it's just an adventurous and when it’s dangerous. You guide with decades of experience are your eyes on the mountains.

Authorized and licensed guides

All the guides are authorized and licensed by the government. So, you don’t have to worry about getting into trouble and trust your guides and their suggestions. They make decisions that are best for you.

Sidewalks after reaching daily destinations

We take you to the sidewalks after checking into the guest house and tea houses. This lets you explore the village and amazing places near your station. Our guide can take you to major places around the location to let you explore the local lifestyle and many more.

Local Operator

Sublime Trails is owned by local operators, which means there will be no third-party agents once you book your packages with us. Our Company is founded and run by Nepalese people who are experts in the field of travel. The local guides will work at their best to give you in-depth experiences of local cultures and lifestyles and make your trip memorable.

Guaranteed departure 

Once you book your trip with Sublime Trails making sure everything regarding the trip, we give you guarantee that your trip will be conducted on the promised day without any additional costs except mentioned


If you want to see Everest but you do not have enough time or can't walk for long days, we have  Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour. The helicopter will land at different places to explore the Everest region.  

Everest Base Camp Trek Itinerary & Map

DAY 01: Arrival at Kathmandu
  • Picking you up at the airport
  • Transferring you to a 3-starred hotel
  • Short briefing of the tour
  • Explore the rich and vibrant streets of Thamel and shopping for the trip

Our representatives will come to pick you up at the airport upon your arrival. Then you will be transferred to a 3-star hotel. You will rest for a while and have breakfast there. You will be given a short briefing of the Everest Base Camp Trekking. Then you can spend the rest of your day shopping for your trip or exploring the streets of Thamel.

Accommodation: 3-star hotel
Expected Temperature: (3.1 - 27.2) °C
Elevation: 1345 m


DAY 02: Flight to Lukla and Trek to Phakding
  • Early morning  plane flight to Lukla
  • Walk the almost plain terrain to get to Phakding from Lukla
  • Rest at a teahouse at Phakding

After completing the flight to Lukla, you are given a briefing regarding the trek. Your trekking journey begins from Lukla. You walk along the Dudh Koshi river about 3 hours to get to Phakding where you will be spending a night.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Expected Temperature: (-1.7 - 19.6) °C
Elevation: 2610 m
Trek Duration: 3-4 hours approx.

[If the flight to Lukla got delayed due to bad weather or other technical issues and you want to get there at your scheduled time, you can book a helicopter with an extra 500 USD per person]

Note: Kathmandu International Airport will remain closed until December 2019 due to maintenance. Therefore any flights to/from Lukla has to be performed from Manthali Airport, Ramechhap. We can help you book a bus/car to get to Manthali.

DAY 03: Phakding to Namche Bazaar
  • Breakfast at Phakding and start trekking
  • Lunch at beautiful Monjo valley
  • Walking uphill after crossing a suspension bridge
  • Enjoy the view of Mt. Everest and adjacent mountains along the way
  • Walk Sharp uphill at the final 2 hours of your trek
  • Reach Namche Bazaar and take rest

On the third day of your Everest Base Camp trip, you will have breakfast at Phakding and walk towards Namche Bazaar. On the way, you will get the first glimpse of Mt. Everest. You will encounter many porters carrying the goods for Namche Bazaar. On the way, you will get glimpses of the mountains such as Kusum-Kanguru, Thamserku, etc. You will walk through pine and rhododendron forests by the Dudh Koshi river. You will have lunch at Monjo valley. After having lunch and resting for a while in Monjo, you will ascend towards Namche Bazaar. You will Enter the Sagarmatha National Park from Monjo. You will pass many of the suspension bridges and steep stairs to get to Namche Bazaar. You will get to see Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse and Taweche from Namche.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Expected Temperature: (-7.9 -  16) °C
Elevation: 3440 m
Trek Duration: 6-7 hours approx.


DAY 04: Acclimatization Day at Namche Bazaar
  • Explore the Namche Bazaar and shop the things you will be needing at the trek (in case you’ve missed anything)
  • Hike up to Everest view hotel and back as a part of your acclimatization
  • Rest during the afternoon at a guesthouse

The altitude of the Everest region is higher than 3000 m and gets higher and higher as we walk further. So our body needs some time to adapt to this rapidly changing altitude and decreasing temperature. So you will stay at Namche Bazar for a day for acclimatization. You can go for a short hike to Everest view Hotel on this day, walk along the Dudh Koshi river or above the village. You can enjoy the sunrise and sunset views with a panorama of the Himalayas from the Headquarter of the Sagarmatha National Park. You can spend the day with Sherpas of Namche village and explore their lifestyle and cultures.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Expected Temperature: (-7.9 -  16) °C
Elevation: 3440 m


DAY 05: Namche to Tengboche
  • Breakfast at Namche Bazaar and set off for the trekking  to Tengboche
  • Get the spectacular view of Ama Dablam and Mt Everest along the way.
  • Trekking to  one of the oldest monastery (Tengboche monastery)

On this day you will walk through almost plain terrain along the Dudh Koshi river. You will pass through the pine forests and cross many suspension bridges. For the first few hours, you walk down the gentle slope and then ascend uphill the rest of the day. Along the way, you can expect to have a spectacular view of Ama Dablam and Mt Everest. You will reach Tengboche where you can visit the Tengboche monastery. You will spend your night at the teahouse at Tengboche.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Expected Temperature: (-8.5 - 14.5) °C
Elevation: 3860 m 
Trek Duration: 5-6 hours approx.


DAY 06: Tengboche to Dingboche
  • Cross the several villages including Pangboche and Somare and streams to get the splendid views of Mount Ama Dablam.
  • Lunch at Somare village
  • Rest at the teahouses at Dingboche at the end of the Day

You will have breakfast early in the morning at Tengboche and set off for Dingboche. The mountain range gets closer and closer as you walk further. On your sixth day, you walk through pine forests and Sherpa villages to get to Dingboche. On the way, you will cross a few villages. You can find barley crops and Potato farms and Stonewalls to protect crops from strong winds. You can not get the view of Everest along the way. However, you will get a spectacular view of Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Nuptse, etc. You can see the spectacular sunset and sunrise over these mountains.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Expected Temperature: (-15.3 - 13.7) °C
Elevation: 4410 m
Trek Duration: 5-6 hours approx.


DAY 07:  Acclimatization day at Dingboche
  • Take a rest at Dingboche
  • Explore the beauty and people of Dingboche village
  • Take a short hike around the village or climb to Garstang hill to witness the beautiful Lhotse, Nuptse.
  • You can catch a glimpse of Island Peak and Expedition crew from Chukung Ri

On the seventh day of your trekking journey, you take second acclimatization break. You can either stay in the village and explore things or you can hike around. You can explore Sherpa people and lifestyles. You can visit Dingboche monastery or take a short hike to Amadablam Base Camp, Nagarjuna Hill or Chukung Ri.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Expected Temperature: (-15.3 - 13.7) °C
Elevation: 4410 m


DAY 08: Dingboche to Lobuche
  • Walk along the highland and plain terrains  to get to Lobuche
  • Pray for departed trekkers on the memorial
  • Enjoy the view of Lobuche peak and other peaks along the way
  • Enjoy the warm meal and cosy bed of the tea houses at the end of the day.

On this day, you will climb the ridge behind the Dingboche village. The way is a little steep to walk. However, the heartwarming view of the Himalayas surrounding you will keep you motivated to move further. You can see the Lobuche peak in the north. After walking for a few hours the way becomes flatter. You cross the Khumbu glacier and moraines. You climb up the moraine valleys for next few hours. You can see the memorial cairn built in the memories of departed Sherpas and other trekkers. You can get the mesmerizing view of Mt. Pumori, Lingtren, Khumbuste etc.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Expected Temperature: (-18.3 - 11.7) °C
Elevation: 4910 m
Trek Duration: 4-5 hours approx.


DAY 09:  Lobuche to Gorak Shep and Everest Base Camp and back to Gorak Shep
  • Trek to Gorak Shep and check in to lodge.
  • Lunch at Gorak Shep and start hiking to Everest base camp ( ultimate destination for EBC trekkers).
  • Get to your final destination on this day (Everest Base Camp)
  • Trek to the Vantage point for the best view of Mount Everest  and the adjacent peaks
  • Catch the glimpse of Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, Ama Dablam, and other peaks
  • Descend back to Gorak Shep for the night stay

This day will be full of excitement as you will be trekking to Everest Base Camp. On the early hours in the morning, you will trek on the rocky moraine trails to get to Gorak Shep. After walking for 3 hours you will get to Gorak Shep and have your lunch there. After relaxing for a few moments you will walk for the Everest Base Camp. You can expect to encounter some climbers and porters at Everest base camp at the season of the expedition. You can not see the peak of Everest from the base camp. However, you can get the views of icefalls, glaciers and other adjacent peaks from there. After spending a few times there you will descend back to Gorak Shep and spend the night.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Expected Temperature: (-19.6 - 10.8) °C
Elevation: 5140 m
Trek Duration: 7-8 hours approx.


DAY 10:  Gorak Shep to Kala Patthar (5550 m) descent back to Pheriche
  • Trek to Kala Patthar from Gorak Shep to get the best view of  Everest and its adjacent peaks and Khumbu icefall
  • Trek back to Gorak Shep
  • The descent back to Pheriche and spend the nights at tea houses

The view of sunrise looks mesmerizing over the Himalayas. So, you wake up early and set off for Kalapatthar to catch the glimpse of sunrise. Kala Patthar is a beautiful vantage point situated at the foothills of Mt. Everest. You will get to see Everest from the closest distance, standing right in front of you. You will get the splendid view of Khumbu glaciers, other adjacent peaks of Mt. Everest, etc. After spending a few times at Kalapatthar, you descend to Gorak Shep and have lunch. Then you will descend to Pheriche exploring the new route.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Expected Temperature: (-14.2 - 14.1) °C
Elevation: 4210 m
Trek Duration: 5-6 hours approx.


DAY 11: Pheriche to Namche
  • Descend to Namche from Pheriche while exploring the new root
  • Enjoy the panoramic view of Himalayas along the way
  • Possibilities to see musk deer Himalayan giant Thar and snow leopard
  • Explore the traditional village Phortse where many climbers were born
  • Catch the trail of Gokyo lake trek

You will have breakfast early in the morning in Pheriche and set off for Namche. You can enjoy the panorama of the Himalayas while descending to Namche. The trail passes through rhododendron, pine and oak forests where you might encounter musk deer, Himalayan Thar, Snow leopard etc. Descend further to catch the trekking trail of Gokyo lake. You might encounter trekkers returning from Gokyo lake there with whom you can exchange your trekking experiences along the way. After walking for a few hours, you will reach Namche and take a rest at a tea house.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Expected Temperature: (-7.9 -  16) °C
Elevation: 3,440m
Trek Duration: 7-8 hours approx.


DAY 12: Namche to Lukla
  • Walk down to Lukla to book a flight to Kathmandu
  • You can visit the School and the hospital established by Sir Edmund Hillary
  • Stroll around Lukla and give yourself some rest

You will have your breakfast at Namche and walk down to book a flight to Kathmandu. You will spend that day at Lukla, celebrating the success of your trip. You can take a shower, have drinks and roam around Lukla city and try different food items. You can visit the school established by Sir Edmund Hillary as well. On this day you will bid goodbye to your Sherpa crews.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Expected Temperature: (-2.8- 18.7) °C
Elevation: 2860 m
Trek Duration: 5-6 hours approx.


DAY 13: Lukla to Kathmandu
  • Catch a flight to Kathmandu
  • You can roam around and explore Thamel
  • Chill in the restaurants, spa, and bars

You will fly to Kathmandu early in the morning. However, there is always a possibility to get your flight delayed as the weather conditions in the Himalayas are unpredictable. We will not operate any flights in case of bad weather conditions. When you get back to Kathmandu you can explore the restaurants and cafes around. You can go to bars and spas or you can simply stay at your hotel and relax.  

Meals: Breakfast
Accommodation: 3-star hotel
Expected Temperature: (15-29) °C
Elevation: 1345 m


DAY 14: Rest and sightseeing day in Kathmandu
  • Explore the Kathmandu City
  • Visit 5 of the UNESCO world heritage sites ( Basantapur Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Swayambhunath Stupa, Boudhanath Stupa, Pashupatinath Temple)
  • Farewell dinner

The last day of your trip will be sightseeing around the valley. There are many sights of cultural and historical significance around Kathmandu. Our private vehicle will come to pick you up at your hotel and take you to the excursion around the valley. You will be visiting 5 of the UNESCO world heritage sites of Kathmandu and many other places. In the evening, you can enjoy farewell dinner which is offered by Sublime Trails Pvt. Ltd.

Meals: Breakfast and Dinner
Accommodation: 3-star hotel
Expected Temperature: (3.1 - 27.2) °C
Elevation: 1345 m


DAY 15: Departure
  • Transferring you to the airport and bidding you farewell

The last day of your trip will be sightseeing around the valley. There are many sights of cultural and historical significance around Kathmandu. Our private vehicle will come to pick you up at your hotel and take you to the excursion around the valley. You will be visiting 5 of the UNESCO world heritage sights of Kathmandu and many other places.

Meal: Breakfast

Print Pdf Enlarge map Map details


  • All the airport pick up and drops
  • 3-star hotel in Kathmandu with breakfast
  • One day Kathmandu tour with monument entrance fees
  • Lodge accommodation, breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the trek
  • Flight fare from Kathmandu to Lukla and return to Kathmandu
  • Well experienced guide, assistant guide and porter for the trekking (One assistant guide between 6 people and 1 porter for two people Porter can carry up to 30 Kg)
  • Down jacket, a Sleeping bag which should be refunded to the company after trip completion
  • National park entrance fees, TIMS card fee
  • Necessary paperwork with the government of Nepal and Tax department
  • All the necessary insurance for the guides and porters
  • All the necessary bus, car and jeep service for the trip
  • First Aid service in case of minor injuries
  • Salary, foods, and accommodation for guides and porters
  • Emergency Evacuation Assistance Service (The cost of the helicopter, hospital and necessary transport are not payable by the company.)
  • Any meals other than breakfast in Kathmandu
  • Rescue & travel insurance, trip cancellation costs, accident or health emergency, evacuation, loss, theft or damage to baggage and personal effects. We strongly advise you to take out personal travel insurance.
  • Extra night accommodation in Kathmandu because of early arrival, late departure, and early return from the mountain or due to any reason other than the scheduled itinerary
  • Items of a personal nature
  • Personal expenses (phone calls, internet, laundry, bar bills, battery recharge, extra porters, cold drinks, bottle or boiled water, hot shower, etc.)
  • All the alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks including mineral water
  • All the chocolate and dessert items
  • Your Nepal entry visa fee
  • Tipping for the Sublime crew

Departure Notes

If you are booking a single traveler for private accommodation you are required to pay 250US$ per person as a single supplement charge. On our trip status section 'AVAILABLE' Means trip is guaranteed and available on the given price. If you book the trip through direct booking section you will receive payment invoice instantly and receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.

Departure Dates

Sort Date
Dates Status Price Notes  
27 Jan, 2020 - 10 Feb, 2020 Guaranteed $1350 USD
30 Jan, 2020 - 13 Feb, 2020 Guaranteed $1350 USD

Everest Base Camp Trek Reviews

Rated 5/5 based on 8 reviews

Unlike any other trekking expedition, our recent trip to EBC in May 2018 was one amazing experience. Not only our 15-days trip is filled with thrill and adventures but the entire trip arranged by Mr. Ram of Sublime Trail’s and our mountain guide BK (Bikram Khadka) was commendable. Every each meal we can choose our preference of food included in the package and the guesthouse stay is quite comfortable except the one in Lobuche, that was the worst with no water supply, but other than that the rest was quite good. each and every one of us were carefully observed by our mountain guide BK along our trek for fear of unsuspecting altitude sickness. Likewise, the 3 Sherpa was very helpful and even help me to carry my backpack when I'm totally exhausted. The day before last was a day trip tour in Kathmandu, indeed it was also an eye-opening experience too, I must say it’s truly an amazing lifetime experience. Overall it was a wonderful trip full of adventures. Once again, thank you Sublime for arranging this amazing trip for us!

BK (Bikram), Ram and the team were amazing and the best people we've ever met in our trekking to Everest Base Camp. This is our 1st trekking trip in Nepal so we didn't really expected much other than walking for long hours. The whole journey was amazing in its own way, BK (our mountain guide) and the porters were really amusing and taking good care of us. The trek is so beautiful and the team is very experienced. This is the best Nepal holiday we've had so far and can't wait to come back for another trekking trip with Ram and BK. Sublime provides 5 stars service!

Every time I think about trekking there always comes a name and that is of Sublime Trails. Before going to EBC 15 days trek I had already gone to Langtang trek and Annapurna Base Camp trek with them. When I was planning for the trek Ram helped me to organize my plans for having a great trek. I already had memorable treks with them but compared to this trek they were just a drop of water in an ocean. They were already providing great service when I first went with them but they were not settling at that level. They were improving themselves every time to provide fantastic trekking experience at low cost. Ram and I went for the trekking 3rd time and he was the boss for me since he was always 10 steps faster than I thought. He had seemingly unrivaled contacts in every trekking routes to get things done during the trek. He was excellent at giving every bit of information and was always sensitive to how I coped with the trekking. So he was a super guide for me and so was his company. This agency has been giving its best service to every client they have worked with and I would absolutely recommend Sublime Trails to anyone visiting Nepal: to have Sublime trek at the reasonable price.

I and my Wife went to Everest Base Camp 15 day trek through Sublime Trails and we had a great time when we were in Nepal. For the beginners like us, this trek was hard enough to give up on the half but our guide Ram took care of us and encouraged us to go further to complete the trek. We finally completed the trek and found that it was completely worth of all the hard work done to reach there. Without our guide Ram and our porter, we wouldn’t have been able to complete the trek and enjoy the natural beauty of the mountain vistas. During the whole trip, I was the slowest in our group but they never left me behind and they always supported me every time. The mountains were splendid and our guide Ram was so much knowledge that he told and made us remember every detail of all those mountains which astonished us. The trek was physically challenging for me but Ram did a great job of taking care of me and he even made sure that we acclimatize properly so that we would not suffer from altitude sickness. He was the renowned person since due to his presence we were welcomed with much greater hospitality than others. He arranged great accommodations and lovely food for us. Remembering these memories makes me want to go to Nepal again and have an enjoyable trek with Ram. So definitely I would recommend Ram and Sublime Trails if you want to trek in Nepal.

We had a 15 days trek to Everest Base Camp with Sublime Trails. The trek was well organized and literally, it was perfect for us. They served us really well from the time of pick up at Kathmandu till our departure. Our guide Hari and our porters were really caring and looked after us in every step. They helped us to properly incline higher altitude without getting Altitude sickness so we all were able to reach to the base camp and get the majestic view of the Everest. I would definitely recommend Hari and Sublime crew to anyone who wants to trek in Nepal.

Our group of 12 people including me went for 15 days Everest Base Camp trek with Sublime Trails. It was a great trekking experience which made us think about returning back to trek again in Nepal. I was trekking for the first time while my other friends had already trekked in Nepal with Sublime crews. For me, it was a new and unique experience and it was full of excitements in every step of our journey. It was well organized and we made it to the base camp only with help of our trek organizers. So, I would like to express my gratitude towards Sublime Trails and their crews for providing me with amazing memories of my first trek. Furthermore, I would like to highly recommend Sublime Trails for everyone to have a great trekking experience in Nepal.

We were a group of 3 guys doing a treck in the Himalayas. The experience with Sublime Trails and specifically Ram was amazing. He was answering all our questions already the long time before coming and we knew everything is in good hands which is quite important when you travel to Nepal for the first time (permits, equipment, etc.). Ram was able to give us a very experienced guide and it paid off already on the first day when the flights were not flying but we were able to take a helicopter to Lukla instead (for a small fee). Also, he arranged us a sherpa going with us to Island Peak. The Sherpa was very experienced, 7 times on Everest and it was a very good experience as well. In the end, Ram invited us for a dinner and asked us what he can do better which was a nice touch at the end. Overall superb experience! 

Everything was well organized and taken care of with Sublime Trails so we could just relax & enjoy our trek. From the moment we arrived at the Kathmandu airport our guide Rishi was waiting with a sign with our names on it. He shook our hands and greeted us with "Welcome to Nepal" Rishi and a driver took us to our lovely hotel in Kathmandu where we met with Ram, the owner of Sublime Trails, and paid for our Trek. Ram made arrangements for a city tour of Kathmandu for the following day which was great to learn about Nepal's culture. That night Ram met with us again to take care of any last minute preparations for our trek - hiring down jackets and sleeping bags, etc. Our trek to Everest Base Camp was incredible because of our awesome guide Rishi - he has an amazing sense of humour and loved playing cards and showing us his magic tricks. Our porter Kumar was full of energy and always smiling. Talking with other Trekkers on the trail we could easily tell we made the best decision to book with Sublime Trails. We loved that we had our own private tour, we weren't packed into a big group like other Trekkers and we planned our trek date completely around our travel plans, no set schedule. Ram and his team take care of everything beginning to end. When we returned to Kathmandu, Ram took us out for a farewell dinner to celebrate our accomplishment and provide feedback on our trekking experience. It's obvious Ram goes above and beyond to genuinely care for his customers.  We highly recommend Sublime Trails for trekking in Nepal!!! Thank you so much to Ram for all the arrangements and to Rishi & Kumar for a fantastic trek!

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