Key Information

  • Destination:
  • Accommodation:
    3 Star Hotel + Tea House Lodge
  • Foods:
    Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner
  • Transportation:
    Public Bus + Private Vehicle
  • Min Person:
  • Maximum altitude:

About Langtang Valley Trek

The Langtang region is pristine and unexplored trekking destination of Nepal that offers a wide range of beautiful places and cultures to explore. Langtang Valley Trek takes you to the amazing Langtang region with high snow-capped mountain and mesmerizing landscapes. The trail passes through many picturesque villages, river valleys and lush forests. Langtang Valley Trek journey is also a wonderful opportunity to explore the unique culture of Tamang and Sherpa people in this region. 

8 days of Langtang Valley trek starts from Syabru Besi and will pass through several picturesque and culturally rich Tamang Settlements accompanied by the Himalayas in the backdrop. The major highlight of the trek is Tsergo Ri from where you get the wonderful view of the mountains such as Langtang Lirung, Ghangchhempo, Yala Peak, Morimoto peak, Pogen Dhopku, etc. Along the way, you will catch the view of Pemthang Ri, Langshisha Ri, Dorje Lakpa, Kangchenpo, Annapurna range, Manaslu range and Ganesh Himal as well. Langtang National Park is a wonderful place to explore the tropical jungle and spot the beautiful animals and birds. Passing through these villages, you can entertain yourself with different cultural programs performed by local people. 

This relatively simple and only moderately difficult Langtang trek grants you the opportunity to explore this less-visited area of Nepal. So if you are the first time in Nepal or in a family vacation, this trek is ideal as it does not demand much fitness as other treks in the Himalaya region. Besides, this area is less even in peak seasons, so you can enjoy the serene beauty of the mighty mountains at its best. Sublime Trails have designed the 12 days of Langtang Valley Trek itinerary in such a way that you get the best out of this journey. Our experienced and humble guides and assistants will assist you throughout the journey helping this trip be a memorable one. 



  • A scenic bus ride from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi 
  • Excursion of UNESCO world heritage sites of Kathmandu 
  • Chance to enjoy the glorious view of mountains such as Langtang, Manaslu, Annapurna, Ganesh, Hiunchuli, Jugal, etc.
  • Visit the Kyanjin Gompa, other Buddhist monasteries and Swiss Cheese factory 
  • Walk through dense alpine and rhododendron forests
  • Reaching Tsergo Ri, the highest point of the trek to get outstanding views of the mountains like Langtang Lirung, Ghangchhempo, Yala Peak, Morimoto peak, Pogen Dhopku, etc.
  • Explore the Tamang heritage and culture 
  • Explore the diverse flora and fauna in Langtang National Park 


What To Expect: 

1. Food and Accommodation 

During the Langtang Valley trek, you will stay in the teahouses run by local Tamang and Sherpa people. They may not be luxurious but will provide you with basic services and healthy food items. You can expect to have common dishes such as pasta, noodles, Dal Bhat, fried rice, potatoes, vegetables etc. You can also try their traditional food items. You can try delicious coffee in Kyanjin Gompa where many coffee houses are available with Italian coffee machine. 

While in Kathmandu, you will stay in a 3-star hotel with breakfast services. For lunch and dinner, you can explore various dishes available in the city according to your preferences. 

2. Langtang National Park 

Langtang National Park offers a diverse range of Landscapes, floras and faunas. This park has many snow-capped mountains such as Langtang Lirung, Yala Peak, Gangchhempo etc. Langtang Lirung (7245) is the highest point of the Park. In the tropical and alpine forests of Langtang National park, a wide range of wild animals reside. It is a home of some rare animals such as Himalayan Thar, Black bear, Red panda, different species of deers and monkeys etc. The sacred Gosainkunda Lake also lies in this area. During your Langtang region trek, you can explore the Park. 

3. View of Mountains and Landscapes

What makes the Langtang Valley Trek amazing is the glorious views of mountains and landscapes along the way. You will walk through many ridges and valleys covered in lush forests of Rhododendron and Oak trees. The view of the mountains such as Langtang Lirung, Ghangchhempo, Yala Peak, Morimoto peak, Pogen Dhopku, etc. looks mesmerizing and it gets clearer and more beautiful as you walk further toward Langtang. You can get the best view of these mountains and landscapes from Tsergo Ri. You can also expect to see Annapurna and Manaslu range Ganesh Himal etc. 

4. Kyanjin Gompa and Other Buddhist Monasteries 

Kyanjin Gompa is the picturesque village of Langtang region situated at the foothill of Langtang Lirung (7227 m), Dorje Lakpa (6966 m) and Langsisha Ri (6427 m). This village has Kyanjin Gompa which is the most famous monastery of this area. Apart from Kyanjin Gompa, you will encounter many Buddhist monasteries, Mani Walls and prayer flags along the way. This region is heavily influenced by Tibetan Buddhism. You will have a better insight into the Buddhist culture of the people in this region after visiting these Gompas and Monasteries. 

5. Tamang Culture and Heritage 

Tamang Community is the most prominent ethnic group in the Langtang Region. The trekking trail to Langtang valley passes through many Tamang settlements where you get to learn about their lifestyle, culture and tradition. As they are Tibetan descendants, their culture is heavily influenced by Tibetan Buddhism. These Tamang and Sherpa communities have managed to preserve their rich and diverse culture in the form of arts, architecture, festivals etc. You can enjoy many interesting cultural programs and festivals performed by these local ethnic communities.

6. Tsergo Ri 

Tsergo Ri is the highest view elevation mark we’ll be achieving during Langtang Valley Trek. It is an amazing vantage point to view the surrounding mountains and landscapes. You will get a spectacular view of the glaciers, moraine valleys and mountains such as Langtang Lirung, Ghangchhempo, Yala Peak, Morimoto peak, Pogen Dhopku etc from Tsergo Ri.

7. Wildlife exploration 

Langtang region has a diverse range of floras and faunas. The forest of Langtang National Park is a home of the animals such as wild deer, dzo, different species of monkeys, red panda etc. There are some rare animals such as Black bear, Himalayan Thar etc. You can expect to see huge falcons as well along the way.12 days of Langtang region trekking is a wonderful opportunity to explore these animals in their natural habitat.

Langtang Valley Trek Itinerary & Map

DAY 01: Arrive at Kathmandu airport
  • Picking you up at Tribhuvan International Airport
  • Transferring you to a three-star hotel

As you arrive in Nepal and land at Tribhuvan International Airport, our representative will pick you and drop you to a 3-star hotel in Kathmandu. Today you can rest or indulge in some activities around this city. You can stroll around and in the evening, you can try new food in different restaurants, go to spas and bars and enjoy yourself. You can check your gears and necessary things and buy them if you’ve missed anything and you will have a tour briefing.

Accommodation: 3-star hotel
Elevation: 1345 m


DAY 02: Bus Ride from Kathmandu to Syabru Besi
  • Take a bus ride from Kathmandu to Syabru Besi
  • Enjoy the scenic landscapes along the way
  • Get views of mountains like Manaslu, Annapurna and Ganesh Himal

Wake up early in the morning for a bus ride to Syabru Besi which takes about 9 hours. Though this ride is a long one, you won't be bored enjoying the scenic landscapes of villages and forests. If the day is clear, you will get glimpses of mountains like Manaslu, Annapurna and Ganesh Himal, etc. After reaching Syabru Besi, you will have your dinner and sleep early at a tea house there.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Elevation: 1503 m


DAY 03: Syabru Besi to Lama Hotel
  • Follows the trail of Gumanechok towards Ghoda Tabela
  • Climb to the beautiful valley with yaks and have several alternating descent and ascent
  • Move through beautiful Rhododendron forests
  • A final ascent through a steep trail

Leaving Syabru Besi, you will walk along Langtang Khola. The trail follows Ghoda Tabela and will be covered with beautiful Rhododendron and Oak trees. After climbing to reach a valley, you will alternate continuously between uphill climbing and downhill descent. You will find various tea shops where you can have your lunch or buy other food items. Then, you will cross a small bridge and finally climb a steep uphill and reach the Lama Hotel. After reaching, you will have your dinner and spend the night at a tea house.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Elevation: 2480 m
Trek Duration: 6-7 hours approx.


DAY 04: Lama Hotel to Langtang Village
  • Walk parallel to Langtang river
  • Reach Ghoda Tabela and have lunch
  • Ascend for a while to reach Yak pasture lands
  • Reach Langtang village inhabited by Tamang communities

Today’s destination is Langtang village, a beautiful valley. You will wake up in Lama Hotel and head towards it by walking parallel to Langtang river. You will cross 3000m altitude as you reach Ghoda Tablela where you will have your lunch and rest enjoying green grasslands and views of Langtang range. After that, you will ascend for a while to get to pasture lands of Yak. From here, you will climb a steep uphill for about 4 hours to reach Langtang village inhabited by Tamang people and Tibetan Buddhist Sherpas.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Elevation: 3480 m
Trek Duration: 6-7 hours approx.


DAY 05: Langtang Village to Kyanjin Gompa
  • Go past villages like Muna and Singdun
  • Walk a gradual uphill trail
  • Enjoy views of streams, mani walls and green meadows
  • Walk a rocky path and cross a bridge to reach Kyanjin Gompa

After walking for a few hours on a green meadow, you will reach Muna and Singdun. You will have your lunch at Singdun and you will now have to walk a rocky path for a while to reach Kyanjin Gompa after crossing a wooden bridge. You can explore the monastery. If you look around, you will see snowy peaks of mountains like Kyanjin Ri and Tserko Ri surrounding you. You will stay here overnight.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Elevation: 3830 m
Trek Duration: 3-4 hours


DAY 06: Kyanjin Gompa to Tsergo Ri (4984 m) and Return Back
  • Reach to the top of Tsergo Ri to get outstanding views of mountains like Langtang Lirung, Ghangchhempo, Yala Peak, Morimoto peak, Pogen Dhopku, etc.
  • Return back to Kyanjn Gompa for acclimatization

Your body needs time to adapt to this gradually increasing altitude and decreasing Oxygen level before you go any higher. You can stroll around the village. If you are fit and aren’t showing any signs of altitude sickness, you will climb the Tsergo Ri, an amazing viewpoint to get marvelous views of the surrounding mountains like Langtang Lirung, Ghangchhempo, Yala Peak, Morimoto peak, Pogen Dhopku, etc. You can wake up early and chase the sunrise to view it over the mountains from the top. You will return to Kyanjin Gompa for dinner and sleep.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Elevation: 3830 m
Trek Duration: 7-8 hours approx.


DAY 07: Kyanjin Gompa to Lama Hotel
  • Return the same route to get to Lama Hotel
  • Enjoy the views of mountains as you return

Returning to Lama Hotel, you will find that your body slowly feels better as we descend to a place with lower altitude and oxygen level also starts getting higher. You will walk through beautiful forests and Tamang villages. You will descend slowly along Langtang Khola to reach Langtang village and walking further you reach Ghoda Tabela and finally Lama Hotel. After this long descent, you will spend another night at Lama Hotel.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Elevation: 2480 m
Trek Duration: 6-7 hours approx.


DAY 08: Return to Syabru Besi
  • Return to Syabru Besi the same route
  • Enjoy all the views you missed when you first walked past this village

Today’s trek will be a light and easy descent to Syabru Besi. You can enjoy the surrounding scenery as you leave the mountains. You can look back and see those mountains have grown farther and you can cherish the days you spent so close to them. You will stay overnight at Syabru Besi.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Elevation: 1503 m
Trek Duration: 4-5 hours approx.


DAY 09: Drive Back to Kathmandu
  • Scenic ride from Syabru Besi to Kathmandu
  • Stroll around the streets of Kathmandu and shop souvenirs and handicrafts
  • Explore the cafes, restaurants and bars

Today you will take a ride from Syabru Besi to Kathmandu. For about 9 hours, you will enjoy the views of mountains, grasslands and forests as you bid farewell to the mountains getting farther and farther.

Reaching Kathmandu, you can indulge in several activities to relax. Thamel, a tourist hub in Kathmandu has bars, restaurants, spas and other places where you can go to enjoy yourself. You might as well just go to your hotel room, freshen up and rest.

You can also go around the city to shop for souvenirs. In the evening, you will have a farewell dinner offered by Sublime Trails, celebrating the success of Langtang Valley Trek where you will enjoy traditional food and cultural dances.

Meals: Breakfast
Accommodation: 3-star hotel
Elevation: 1345 m


DAY 10: Departure

After waking up and having your breakfast, you will be taken to Tribhuvan International Airport where you will take off to your country or next destination.

If you plan to stay in Nepal for few more days, we can help to make your stay more fun by planning a trek in another region or other activities. We will be more than happy to do so.

Meals: Breakfast

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  • Airport pick up and drop services
  • Hotel accommodation in Kathmandu (3-star hotel with breakfast)
  • Teahouse/Lodge accommodation during the trek
  • Shared transportation from Kathmandu to/from Syabru Besi
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner during the trek
  • Well experienced guide and porter
  • Annapurna Conservation Area Project entrance fees, Tims card fee
  • Necessary paperwork with Government of Nepal and Tax department
  • All the necessary insurance for Sublime's crew
  • Sublime First Aid kit carried by our guide
  • Sleeping bags and down jackets on rentals (to be returned to the company after the trip)
  • Salary, equipment, food, and accommodation for Sublime’s crew
  • Emergency Evacuation Assistance Service (The cost of the helicopter, hospital and necessary transport are not payable by the company.)
  • Any meals other than breakfast in Kathmandu
  • Entrance fee to monuments
  • Rescue & travel insurance, trip cancellation costs, accident or health emergency, evacuation, loss, theft or damage to baggage and personal effects. We strongly advise you to take out personal travel insurance.
  • Extra night accommodation in Kathmandu because of early arrival, late departure, and early return from the mountain or due to any reason other than the scheduled itinerary
  • Items of a personal nature
  • Personal expenses (phone calls, internet, laundry, bar bills, battery recharge, extra porters, cold drinks, bottle or boiled water, hot shower, etc.)
  • All the alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks including mineral water
  • All the chocolate and dessert items
  • Your Nepal entry visa fee
  • Tipping for the Sublime crew

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Langtang Valley Trek Reviews

Rated 5/5 based on 3 reviews

A group of nine of us engaged sublime trail for helambu trek as well as bungy jumping and white water rafting in march 14. Prior to the trip, the guide was very prompt in answering our enquiries via email, and assisted us in changing our itinerary when we had to change the duration of travel. As we had 2 friends going earlier to Kathmandu, the guide also had the flexibility in making alternate arrangement for them. Overall, the trip was well-planned and executed. We managed to achieve what we expected. My luggage was delayed on the day of arrival and the guide assisted me in retrieving my delayed luggage, and was very helpful. He even stayed with me till almost midnight to ensure that I had my luggage with me. On the third day of our trek, a few of my group members lagged behind, with the guide. It was nightfall, snowing and the trail was not easy. The porters had already reached the tea house, yet they took the initiative to go out again to help. The guide carried 3 extra daypacks, on top of his own backpack to lighten the load of my friends. The helambu trek was a trip to remember, and the guide seamlessly planned for our next activity after the trek. We went to the Last Resort for bungy and white water rafting and the guide accompanied us throughout. He then took us shopping in thamel and pointed out shops that he knew we wanted to purchase specific items. It was as if he was a friend than a guide, as we knew that he did it out of his helpfulness, and not because he has to do so. Kudos to Sublime Trails for its service! And my gratitude goes out to Ram- our guide for ensuring that we had such a fun and a well-planned trip! I will definitely recommend this company to my friends.

The itinerary that Sublime Trails, namely Ram and his team of Porters provided were all that I ever wanted to explore in - trekking on the snowy mountain, homestay on the mountain, visiting Buddhist monasteries, learning the living culture of a Nepali and not forgetting the Canyon Swing! Being an amateur and a really slow trekker, it was raining and dark on the snowy mountain, I was in awe of appreciation when I saw the Porters walked on the edge of the cold mountain for my best safety!! Every day was ended with a hot bath and a warm dinner in a cozy dining hall...very warm hospitality from the Nepalese indeed! Most of the meals were meat-less, But! Not to worry for meat lovers like me as the resourceful Ram would have a way with all your needs, definitely. We couldn't have completed the 6days Helambu trek of the mountain beyond mountain with great Himalayan views without Ram and his Porters, providing 101% of their expertise, patience, commitment and their singing of the Nepalese songs! Kudos to Sublime Trails - Ram and Team!

Very experienced guides that can answer your every question you throw to them, be it farming methods, local festival, seasonal changes, religious traditions. very accommodating to our request and cater to our needs. some of us went over earlier and he did the extra planning to let them tour different places when the main group arrived for the city tour. we felt comforting to be in this tour group as Ram and his team is very helpful throughout the trek, voluntarily helped us on challenging paths on rocky slopes and slippery snow.  practically become our friend instead of a guide!

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