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  • Ram Khadka
  • Jun 2, 2023

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Nepal has been home to numerous touristic activities since the ’90s. Before the ’90s, Nepal was labeled as the mysterious Asian Country. When various components of tourism like accessibility (transportation), accommodation (lodging) and amenities (facilities) were upgraded, the country started to see the arrivals of foreigners.

Various natural and artificial attractions of Nepal have been luring numerous people. However, lack of proper management of tourist flow has hindered the tourism industry badly. The current scenario of Nepalese Tourism is the vast improvement in the dire state of the ’90s.

Importance of Trekking Guide for Nepal Trekking

Organized trekking and tour activities started to get momentum. This phenomenon prompted the government to produce qualified trekking and tour guides for such organized traveling. The government of Nepal started providing an authentic license to guides.

In a patriarchal society like Nepal getting a female trekking guide was a rare case before. However, the time has changed. The number of Female Trekking guide in Nepal has increased drastically. Tourism awareness in remote parts of Nepal has increased. People are more concerned about hospitality and quality services to tourists nowadays.

Why Female Trekking Guide?

Though Nepal is considered as the safest country for tourists occasional incidents of single woman travelers getting harassed have made headlines. In a country like Nepal where numerous ethnic groups reside spoiled people are bound to get. These ill-mannered and anti touristic people have tarnished the whole concept of the guided trek in Nepal. Lack of quality education and awareness is also the main factor behind such chaos.

The contemporary situation is not as stated above. Guides have become more responsible and client-oriented. Trekkers too have become more knowledgeable about traveling in Nepal. The calls for female trekking guides in Nepal have been raised immensely.

According to a recent survey conducted by Nepal Tourism Board and Tourism Management Students of Tribhuwan University, the trekkers wishing to get a female trekking guide in Nepal has increased. Tourists assume that traveling with a female trekking guide provides them security and loyalty. However, this doesn’t mean that the male trekking guide in Nepal is not trustworthy.

These are the major findings of the survey conducted about the importance of the Female Trekking Guide in Nepal. The findings include major assumptions of trekkers toward Female trekking guide in Nepal.

  • Soft-hearted and reliable
  • Friendly and understand family values
  • Loyal
  • Fewer chances of sexual harassment to female travelers
  • Ideal for elderly and travelers with kids

How to get Female Trekking Guide in Nepal?

Almost every trekking agencies of Nepal have at least one female trekking guide. After the start of the tourism management course, the number of female trekking guides in Nepal has increased. You can easily ask for the guide service to your trekking agency.

If you want more choices of female trekking guide in Nepal then email to Sublime Trails. This is probably the best trekking agency in Nepal which offers choices of guides for the trip. Trekkers can choose the guides according to their bio-data as well.

Cost of Female Trekking Guide in Nepal

The cost of a female trekking guide in Nepal is comparatively expensive than most of the male counterparts. The number of female guides in comparison to male guides is less. Henceforth, the charge varies. The average cost of the female trekking guide ranges from 20 $ to 35 $ per day.

Skills & Competencies of Female Trekking guide in Nepal

Most of the trekking guides of Nepal are not from the academic background. These guides of Nepal Trekking acquired knowledge and trekking guiding know-how from their experience as porters. Therefore, don’t expect them to be very fluent in English or any other language. Basic ideas can be gathered from them.

In the case of female trekking guides in Nepal also the system is the same. Most of these women are from Sherpa and indigenous clans who have been traveling to these parts as porters or assistants. Therefore, you might not get a fluent speaker. However, it is guaranteed that these women are well acquainted with the area. You will be safe and you will get information adequately as their male counterparts.

Nowadays the female trekking guides in Nepal are getting so much exposure. Training and skill enhancement programs have been benefitted them in order to be more competent. Introduction of Tourism Management course as part of academic status really produced lots of qualified female guides.

You can get a mountain guide, trekking guide, rescue guide, and helper. Therefore, skills and competencies are not issues anymore.


Get the female guide for your trekking in Nepal. It would be an act of women empowerment in Nepal as well. This would be an idea to change the patriarchal society like ours. When these women come into mainstream tourism in Nepal the concept of tourism management might change. Travelers need to give more opportunities to these women.

Sublime Trails is happy to present this blog supporting the female trekking guide in Nepal. We would be pleased to provide female guide service to our clients. We have arranged special training programs for their overall development. Remember us anytime if you are in need of a female trekking guide in Nepal.

Ram Khadka

Ram Khadka

15 years of experience in Nepal Himalaya and worked as a trekking guide for 10 years. Managing Director at Sublime Trails Pvt. Ltd.