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  • Fantastic trip to Mt. Kanchenjunga Base Camp

    - Michael Park, United States

    When I called my wife and told her that I was going for a 25 days trek in the Himalayas, she thought I was crazy. But, this was exactly what I needed after spending half of my life working on my business not thinking about anything else. I had started training for Everest Base Camp trek since a month but I changed my mind. I needed some time with myself and nature, some really long time. Growing up in a bustling city and running after materialistic success makes you a different person and even you don't know who you are. This trip wasn't just an introduction to Himalayas and nature but to myself and Sublime, Trails made it possible for my silly whim to become a reality. Even they were worried for me, they suggested me to be careful and look for signs and not push things harder. Some days were tough, some days were fun but I'm back safe and learnt a lot of things. I think that's what really matters.

  • Great sightseeing tour

    - Olivia Clark, Germany

    I had been to solo trekking to Annapurna Base Camp as it was on my bucket list for years. It was an amazing trek!

    After completing my trek, I still had a day left in Kathmandu before getting back to Germany. So I decided to explore the places in Kathmandu valley. I would roam around the streets alone as that is my favourite thing to do but I had no idea about the places in Kathmandu and I felt like I might get lost in the Crowd. 

    So I decided to do a guided tour. I googled for companies who operate such Tour and booked the package with Sublime Trails. They came to pick me up at my hotel in the morning. The guide was so friendly and easygoing so was comfortable around him. We visited many amazing places like Swyambhunath, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, Patan Durbar Square. As an architecture student, the architectures of those buildings of the palaces fascinated me the most. He gave me every bit of information about these places. The whole experience was overwhelming as I got to learn too many new things and explore many amazing places. 

    The experience was amazing indeed! And the guide provided by Sublime Trails was amazing too! I recommend everyone to spare at least a day to visit these amazing places if you ever go to Nepal!

  • Best tour for animal lovers

    - James Stubbs, Australia

    I have been in love with animals since I was a child and the kid inside me was screaming with joy when I got to spend those awesome time at Bardia National Park. While my stay in Nepal last time, I went to Chitwan National Park, it was awesome but Bardia has captivated me. Sublime Trails also played a major role to make this a fun trip. If it wasn't for them, I would be all lost and I wouldn't even know what Bardia was. They took care of everything from hotels to documents to anything that I needed help in. They always were polite and had a charm on their face. Thanks Buddies!!

  • ABC trek- a 2nd sublime experience

    - Xuefen Tay, Singapore

    My first trek with Ram was 2 years ago for Helambu. Unforgettable. This time, 4 of us from the last trek plus 3 new friends joined the Annapurna Base Camp trek for magnificent views and great company.
    I was the slowest of the group, and Ram accompanied me throughout and made sure we were all properly cared for. We basically laughed our way from the start to the end of the trek with jokes, songs and cultural exchanges.
    Ram was also very considerate and tweaked the itinerary (with our agreement) when he felt we could finish the trek one day earlier than planned. That gave us an additional day to tour Pokhara before we returned home.
    Our assistant guide Suman, porters Niraj, Kiran and Hari were also fantastic. We had so much fun together, I didn't want it to end.
    We are definitely going on another trek with them again. Dhanyabad!

  • Short tour but unlimited fun

    - Deborah Fahy, United States

    I have to say, this tour was one of the best thing that happened in my life. The service, hospitality, the food, culture everything was awesome.  Even after i returned from the tour, all i could think about was the fun we had there.

  • Perfect Escape into Everest region on Renjo la pass

    - Chaow M., Thailand

    So many things to say but no words to describe it. I think one has to just take this trip to understand the mysterious experience of trekking on this himalayan landscape. One thing I can assure you is, you will have very unique and fun experience while being so close to nature. I don't know about other companies but if you travel with Sublime Trails, you won't have to worry about anything except your mental preparedness and also you need to be physically prepared to do this type of trekking. Other than that, the views, the nature, the pure water, the sound of birds and river, the mountains everything is out of the world amazing.

  • Rara Lake, another trekking in Nepal

    - Francisco Derrick, United Kingdom

    People tell me I should stop trekking at this age, but I tell them to mind their own business. I have done several trekking in Nepal and always with Sublime Trails. Sometimes, it is harder than the previous sometimes its a lot easier, sometimes you even get sick but you have to know that you're just a human and you have to let your body heal. After travelling to so many places, I can tell you that happiness doesn't come easily, you have to take yourself to the edge and do new things each time. Rara lake was beautiful when I saw it, I hope it will forever be. The trail was a pleasure in itself and the views were worth everything. 

  • Awesome!!!!

    - Mike Boucher, Australia

    Kathmandu has hundreds of travel and trekking companies and as a travelling family (my wife, son and myself) you want someone who's able to cater to all our needs, to be able to consider my 7 year old son and our concerns for him about altitude sickness, to be helpful and considerate of my wife's fear of height's, to wait for me - the fat, unfit, beer-fuelled fool. Well, we were blessed to have stumbled on Ram, Ram is highly experienced, informative, entertaining and all round great company, his choice of porters was magnificent, they were amazing with my son, especially during those moments when amicable is off the list. 
    I, and my family loved our Annapurna trek, loved the flexibility with no time pressure, loved the care provided, we cannot praise Ram and his team enough..... as our catch cry goes..... 'AWESOME'

  • Surreal landscapes

    - William Skipper, France

    Trekking in Nepal was always on my budget list and I decided to go for it this year. Me and my friend went to Everest Base Camp and the place was much more beautiful then I'd imagined it would be. Those mountains and landscapes were just soo beautiful! The people we met along the way were amazing, king and friendly. The trail near Everest Base Camp was a bit difficult we almost felt like giving up but other than that everything about this trek was amazing! Thank you Sublime Trails for providing us amazing guide and services! 

  • Fantastic 5-day Poon Hill trail with Hari

    - Erin Gong, Singapore

    Hari greeted us at our hotel in Phokara the evening before our trek, to get all our gears in the city. Hari is friendly, cheerful and speaks perfect English. He prepared us with all the information about the trek so we were physically and mentally prepared.
    Along the trek, Hari tirelessly answered our endless questions and made sure to tell us everything interesting we see along the way. 
    The trek was an absolute delight, well, despite the physical challenges of trekking due to the fact that we had not trained at all prior. But all was possible because of the considerate guide that allowed us to go at our own pace, and of course, our reliable porter Purna who carried both of our bags but still reached the destination hours before us. 
    The trek was full of laughter, great views, and songs along the way.
    Throughout the trip, Keshab also arranged all our airport pickup/dropoffs without fail. His drivers are never late, and also extremely skilled in maneuvering the never-ending mountains of Nepal.

  • Great trip, keep it up

    - William Davis, Germany

    Now that the trip is over, I kind of feel sad because I spent so many days here with you guys having so much fun visiting to so many places. After a long time I spent my holidays trekking. Ram was very helpful in everything long before the trek even started and our guide Shiva was also very frank, experienced and helpful. Nepal is a very amazing destination for tours and treks guys, don't miss it.

  • Extremely caring, friendly and patient !

    - Yeo Ya Wen, Singapore

    Ram was extremely caring, friendly and patient. He would go the extra mile to ensure that you are comfortable and safe. We had 2 great treks with him ans cant wait to go back again!