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  • Customized 4 day trip to Nepal

    - Mohammed Saigar, Canada

    I contacted sublime tour and Ram the owner was very prompt in replying to all my questions and customizing a tour according to our request. He arranged a private EBC helicopter tour for us with a landing at Everest view lodge and kala pather. It was spectacular. He arranged a 1 day tour to pokhara with city highlights and a private helicopter tour to the mardi himal base camp. We also did a 1 day Kathmandu tour visiting the darbars and pashupatinath. Our guides Saraan, Suman And Madan were really good and took care of us and explained everything to this. Definitely recommend this company.

  • Absolutely Subliminal....

    - Kelvin White, United States

    I came for the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with Sublime Trails. They had other travelers from various parts of the world with whom I took the trip. The meal at Everest View Hotel was delightful. The views of the mountains from the places we landed were stunning. A trip that deserves 5/5.

  • Gokyo Lakes stay always in my memories

    - David Wagner, Austria

    Everybody would just say and say how beautiful their Nepal trip was and I had to go for myself and see if this was true. Nepal has surprised me in many levels, I almost got scared by the traffic they have in Kathmandu and by their bumpy roads. To be honest, at first I was skeptical but as Gokyo lake trekking started, everything was heavenly. I dont know what to say. This isn't my first international trip but in Nepal I had come for the first time. Nepal outside of Kathmandu is completely different that what you see there. The people dress differently, there are farmlands, the houses are different and the landscape is something I would die for. People are so kind and welcoming, even the children are amazing. They are shy at first but as you become more familiar, they will love you. Trust your guides if you are travelling in Nepal because they know everything. If they tell you not to do something then don't do it. hahahha I learnt it the hard way. 

  • An Amazing Lake Rara !

    - MIchael O'Brian, Canada

    I interacted with some Nepali trekkers on my trip to Annapurna Base Camp organized by Sublime Trails. When I asked them about the most gorgeous place they had been to in Nepal, they said that there was something majestic about their trip to Rara lake. So when I completed my ABC trek, I asked Sublime Trails to manage a trek to Rara.

    I just fell in love with Rara Lake. Surprisingly, there were not a lot of tourists from outside Nepal during my visit. It might have been due to the remote location of the place. But my stay was simply awesome.

    Despite its remote location, I had fantastic services arranged for me by Sublime Trails. If any of my friends look for some suggestion regarding the places to visit in Nepal, I’ll certainly tell them to go to Rara. And if they ask for a trekking agency, there is no one I would recommend them more than Sublime. You guys made my trip rocking.

  • Best Company for Bhutan Tour

    - Sophia Gagon, Canada

    I have always been fascinated by mountains and often wondered how people in countries far away lived their life. After my friend said she was going for a Bhutan Tour, I would not let her go without me. We together did our research about lots of things, especially tour companies because you can go by yourself. Thank God! we found Sublime Trails. We contacted many tour companies but, I couldn't trust them but Ram was friendly, trustable and proved that they were the best. We had lots of fun during these 10 days. By the end of the tour, my love for Bhutan and mountains increased even more and I would definitely travel there once again. If you want to have the best time in Bhutan, go with Sublime Trails. Don't think further and book your trip to Bhutan this holiday and have fun.

  • A Short and Sweet Tour in Bhutan

    - Andrew Smith, United States

    I had just finished my tour in Nepal and I had heard about Bhutan from so many people. Because I had only few days left, I didn't think I could go to Bhutan Tour this time but Ram said that it was possible even if I had just 3 days left.  He managed to plan my short trip to Bhutan the same day and prepared everything for us. That way I flew to Bhutan unexpectedly. I had the best time during this holiday spending it in two beautiful Himalayan countries. If you want to spend your holidays in Nepal or Bhutan, I recommend Sublime Trails.

  • Unforgettable memories in Bhutan

    - Robert Williams, Canada

    I have traveled to many countries in Europe and America but this time I wanted to explore the world more by going to isolated countries like Nepal and Bhutan. I think that's the best decision I ever made. First of all I was not sure about how they conduct tours in these countries. I contacted Ram through an email and he was very knowledgable. I was impressed by the professionalism they showed throughout the tour. I had the best time every day of the tour. The country is very beautiful and unique in itself but, without these people, I would be lost not knowing what to do. Thanks guys!! 

  • Budget trek to EBC

    - Virgil Kemmer, Romania

    Awesome tour in Nepal with Sublime crew. Thanks for everything guys. The food, the place, the people everything was amazing. I hope I can return to Nepal someday. It was my first visit to Nepal and everything went smooth without any trouble. 

  • Budget trek to EBC

    - Virgil Kemmer, Romania

    Awesome tour in Nepal with Sublime crew. Thanks for everything guys. The food, the place, the people everything was amazing. I hope I can return to Nepal someday. It was my first visit to Nepal and everything went smooth without any trouble. 

  • Best way to spend single day in Nepal

    - Mee Noi, Thailand

    Usually, when I plan short trips, it feels like something is not complete. This time we had just a few days left in Nepal after completing our Pokhara Chitwan tour. If we just stayed at our hotel and didn't go to the ABC on a helicopter, we would have missed it all. Ram was helpful and planned an amazing trip as always. We are a group of lazy travelers, we hate walking a lot. Hiking for some distance is cool but so many days? That's why we went on a Pokhara Tour but traveling to Nepal without getting close to mountains feels like you missed something. After spending all these days in Nepal, I can say that we've made some lifetime memories.

  • Awesome luxury tour for family with helicopter to Everest View Hotel

    - Jacob Harley, United Kingdom

    I was looking for a soft adventure type of travel in Nepal because I was traveling with my family. Trip to Nepal, the country of Mt. Everest without seeing the mountains seemed so not right to me! I couldn’t take my 10 years old lazy son for weeks of trekking. My wife and son were damn sure they aren’t walking long distances. 

    When Ram told me about this Luxury Tour, it all seemed perfect! I could see mountains from the helicopter (exciting right? ) and my family could spend some quality time at beautiful Dwarika’s hotel. Plus my son loved the Jungle Safari. If you ask him, he will tell you that the best thing was to ride an elephant in that wilderness.

    The services and elegance of hotels they managed for us were jaw-dropping too. Thanks, Sublime Trails, for helping me create a perfect holiday for my family without compromising my own wish (I am sure I will travel to Nepal again for the Everest Base Camp trekking later) but for now all that matters is that my family is happy.

  • Best Everest Case Camp Helicopter Tour Company in Nepal

    - Dagny, United States

    I emailed around 10 tour company to book my helicopter ride to Everest base camp and Sublime Trails come for the first choice. Email responses are very fast and easy. Ram was very informative, helpful and dealt with many different ways. He also has many different alternatives to make my trip happen.

    I booked my helicopter flight on group joining basis, Ram took care to find other members to fill the 5 seats of the helicopter. All the airport transfer is arranged by himself. Ram gave me proper information and instructions about what to and what to expect during different time variations during the flight, Which was very helpful and worth following his instruction to cover all the momentum.

    The view was amazing and absolutely subliminal which I can’t express on my words. The best thing I can buy with such amount is this tour. The Everest base camp, Everest view hotel and landing at Kalapattar for around 10 minutes are the best moment of this tour.

    I heartily Recommend 'Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour' for the things to do and Sublime Trails Pvt Ltd for the tour company in Nepal