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  • Best decision ever made!

    - Richard Jones, United States

    Who knew I would travel to Nepal with no prior plans and still have the best time of my life. I travelled to Nepal alone because I couldn't convince my best friend to come with me. If I would just wait for her approval, I would never have made this trip. Anyways, I spent few days sightseeing in Kathmandu and she finally called me saying that she would join me in a few days, being worried about me. But she would only come if we went to place she decided. I just trusted her. She had already contacted Ram and we booked this trip. I have to tell you, I had so much fun and I really had to worry about nothing. Thanks Nina and thanks Sublime Trails.

  • Yoga Tour in Nepal

    - Sophie Wagner, Austria

    I had some memorable and interesting time in Nepal and want to thank Ram for letting me know that there was such a thing as Yoga tour. Nepal is a beautiful country and more beautiful if you focus on its spiritual aspects. About Sublime Trails, I have only positive things to say about them too. I will definitely choose them if I decide to come back to Nepal for any other trek or tours. 

  • Rewarding trip of our lives

    - C_ Sujono, United Kingdom

    Hari and the team were amazing and the best people we've ever met. Our friends organized and planned this trip with Hari, so we didn't really expected much other than walking for long periods of time. The whole country was amazing in its own way, and hanging out with Hari and the porters (Depak and Purna) was really amusing. Best holiday we've had so far and can't wait to come back to do another one with the gang

  • ABC And Chitwan Safari

    - Albert, Australia

    After completing my trek in Annapurna Base Camp, I wanted to get a feel of a different facet of Nepal. So I asked Sublime trails, who had arranged my ABC trek, to arrange a jungle safari tour in Chitwan. It was a completely different experience to trekking. It was simply satisfying. The animals, the Tharu Stick dance, and birds added a magical touch to the tour. You should be here once in your lifetime.

  • Completed EBC trek in just 5 days!

    - Paul Curtis, United States

    I and my wife were in Nepal without deciding what we were going to do during our week long holiday. First we visited few places in Kathmandu and Pokhara and spent 3 days. What next? we started to regret that we didn't go to the Base Camps because Nepal is popular for these treks. Jokingly I asked Ram in an email if I could do an EBC trek in 4 days. He replied, yes but in 5 days. We were shocked and happy because we could extend our holiday for 1 day longer. Another problem we thought would be lack of preparation but he told us that we would only be trekking upto Namche which is not in that much high altitude and  we had to walk only for 4 days. We flew on a helicopter and finished our trek. Such a good time. 

  • A day visit to the city of wonders

    - Kimberly Touchette, Australia

    Kathmandu city amazed me each time I visited these wonderful sites. Never in my life I have seen such a religious and cultural harmony among so differently rich communities. If you come to Kathmandu, you will see Hindus and Buddhists sharing places of worship. Of course the gods have different names. I am also amazed by the beauty of these architecture used to built historical and religious sites. The pashupatinath, syawambhunath, bouddhanath, durbar squares, various temples, lots and lots to visit in just one city. Totally worth it!

  • Best guide for EBC trek 15 days

    - Brian Thomas, Australia

    I and my Wife went to Everest Base Camp 15 day trek through Sublime Trails and we had a great time when we were in Nepal.

    For the beginners like us, this trek was hard enough to give up on the half but our guide Ram took care of us and encouraged us to go further to complete the trek. We finally completed the trek and found that it was completely worth of all the hard work done to reach there. Without our guide Ram and our porter, we wouldn’t have been able to complete the trek and enjoy the natural beauty of the mountain vistas. During the whole trip, I was the slowest in our group but they never left me behind and they always supported me every time. The mountains were splendid and our guide Ram was so much knowledge that he told and made us remember every detail of all those mountains which astonished us.

    The trek was physically challenging for me but Ram did a great job of taking care of me and he even made sure that we acclimatize properly so that we would not suffer from altitude sickness. He was the renowned person since due to his presence we were welcomed with much greater hospitality than others. He arranged great accommodations and lovely food for us.

    Remembering these memories makes me want to go to Nepal again and have an enjoyable trek with Ram. So definitely I would recommend Ram and Sublime Trails if you want to trek in Nepal.

  • A short escape in the Himalayan country

    - Lucas Muñoz, Argentina

    I was tired of the regular life we had, so was my wife. So, we decided to visit Nepal on our 10th anniversary and change the ritual of how we usually celebrate it. This time we wanted to make this more meaningful than before by not just recklessly throwing money but diving deep into a different culture. I have to say that it was our second-best anniversary we had our favorite is our first one. The tour was so much fun and the hotels were awesome. We were treated really nice and had some delicious food. I also planned a surprise for my wife with the help of the hotel management and she was mind blown. 

  • Perfect Trek to EBC and back

    - Scott Fletcher, United States

    Getting to Everest Base Camp doesn't always have to be about giving up your normal way of life, not after Sublime Trails' Luxury Everest Base Camp trek. Obviously you have to trek for several hours a day but you after a long day, you can rest in luxurious accommodation and enjoy hot beverages and nice food. But, as you walk further, the places you will stay will be more simple but more than you would expect in such a rural area. I didn't think it was possible because I had already been to ABC and it was so hard for me to stay at tea houses, though the people were kind and did whatever they could. Well done guys, Thanks for the awesome trip.

  • Everest base camp trek - The Lifetime Memory

    - Katie Miller, United States

    We had a 15 days trek to Everest Base Camp with Sublime Trails. The trek was well organized and literally, it was perfect for us. They served us really well from the time of pick up at Kathmandu till our departure. Our guide Hari and our porters were really caring and looked after us in every step. They helped us to properly incline higher altitude without getting Altitude sickness so we all were able to reach to the base camp and get the majestic view of the Everest.

    I would definitely recommend Hari and Sublime crew to anyone who wants to trek in Nepal.

  • Views to make you really happy

    - Argus Eliopoulos, Greece

    I''m not a kind of person who can walk a lot. But, Im proud to say that I completed my 3 days Poonhill trek. It wasn't easy for someone like me, If someone takes an hour to walk a distance I will take 3 hours for me to walk the same. Our guide was absolutely humble, caring and encouraging so he took care of us. When we reached Poon Hill, I forgot everything for few minutes. It was just brilliant how beautiful the mountains looked from there. 

  • Lovely Nepal and outstanding Dhampus Sarangkot trek

    - Alexandra Schultz, United States

    Trekking to Dhampus Sarangkot was my first trek in Nepal. It went like I thought it would. My friends had already come to Nepal before and they recommended that I should too. They also made me contact Ram and he took care of the rest. Now that I've completed this trek, I want to come back someday and complete Everest Base Camp trek too. Probably next year, lets see what happens. But, if I come, I'm surely going to go with Sublime Trails also because they already know how slow I can walk... hahha.. but yeah, thanks alot guys for the amazing trip. Keep up the good work!