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  • Very nice place and great views

    - Julia Everhart, United States

    This holiday I didn't want to go anywhere else but just stay at a nice hotel in Pokhara and relax with my husband. But, my husband is a restless guy, he wouldn't just end this trip without doing a trek. I found the best deal after contacting Ram. So we decided to go to Poon Hill, it wasn't our first time in Nepal or even to Poon Hill. But, it surprises you every time. It was our middle ground, I wanted a laid back holiday, he couldn't stay and relax at a place. So, in short, it was yet another fun time with Sublime Trails, 

  • First Trip to Nepal Chisapani Nagarkot trek

    - Blaise Caron, France

    Had a fantastic time in Nepal while trekking in Chisapani Nagarkot. Also had the chance to view the sunrise and the mountains. Most recommended if you are here for the first time and have short time. We thank Sublime Trails for being there for us anytime we needed, it didn't feel like we had guides, it felt like traveling with friends. Amazing!!

  • Best time ever in Mardi himal trek

    - Khayone Afia, South Africa

    Our guide and the tour operator Sublime Trails were the most professional people I met during my hunt to find the best people to plan trekking for me in Nepal. They also noted why, when and how and told me that Mardi Himal Trek would be the perfect one for me. With three other people, we headed towards the most beautiful mountain scenery we had ever seen. It felt like I was in a dream or something. It was so unreal but real at the same time. I have no complaints or bad thing to say about these people. Only one suggestion for everyone who want to travel to these places in summer, dont forget to bring mosquito repellent. Except that, perfect.

  • One of the best experiences of my life

    - David Wilson, Canada

    After a certain age, I felt like I could no more travel like I used to do in my youth. This was not my first time in Nepal and I already had come to Nepal and visited Pokhara, Lumbini and Chitwan. I just had a week left to stay and I couldn’t do the Everest Base Camp trek. I was planning to visit Nepal again but the time flies. The perfect time never came and I was too old to trek !!! My nieces had gone done EBC trek with Sublime Trails and I contacted Ram. He was realistic and suggested that the trek was not a good option for me, I knew that too. 

    But there was one way I could fulfil my dreams to get so close to the Mount Everest. He suggested me a helicopter trip. The helicopter ride to Everest Base Camp is the best decision I ever made. I had so much fun and gave me hair-raising experience as we flew above the beautiful Sagarmatha National Park. The views were outstanding. We also landed in Kalapatthar and spend some time in the fresh air with the Everest in front of my eyes. I can’t thank them enough for everything. 

  • An awesome EBC Trek, one of my lifetime experience!

    - Ai Lin Tan, Malaysia

    Unlike any other trekking expedition, our recent trip to EBC in May 2018 was one amazing experience. Not only our 15-days trip is filled with thrill and adventures but the entire trip arranged by Mr. Ram of Sublime Trail’s and our mountain guide BK (Bikram Khadka) was commendable. Every each meal we can choose our preference of food included in the package and the guesthouse stay is quite comfortable except the one in Lobuche, that was the worst with no water supply, but other than that the rest was quite good. each and every one of us were carefully observed by our mountain guide BK along our trek for fear of unsuspecting altitude sickness. Likewise, the 3 Sherpa was very helpful and even help me to carry my backpack when I'm totally exhausted. The day before last was a day trip tour in Kathmandu, indeed it was also an eye-opening experience too, I must say it’s truly an amazing lifetime experience. Overall it was a wonderful trip full of adventures. Once again, thank you Sublime for arranging this amazing trip for us!

  • Ganesh himal trek

    - Natalia Ivaniv, Ukraine

    Everybody goes to the Everest Base Camp, its very popular and even crowded in peak times, That's what I read about it in the internet. I wondered if there were any other trekking destinations where I wouldn't miss the beautiful sceneries and everything else but I could spend some time with nature without seeing hustling people everywhere. Then, I came to know about Ganesh Himal trek and Ram said it was possible to conduct the trip in the time I had, That's how I ended up having the best time in Nepal. 

  • Trip to Mustang

    - Larry Cochran, United States

    It was an extraordinary experience for someone like me who has never been to Nepal before. Though many people choose to trek to Mustang, I chose to go there on a vehicle because I want my trip to be less about pain of walking many hours but about exploring the beauty of nature without thinking about anything else. Even if you aren't trekking, it is not an easy ride so, be careful and go there only with reliable people. I completed my Mustang overland tour with Sublime Trails and I can assure you they are one of the best company in Nepal providing these services for many years,

  • 13 Days ABC Trek

    - Stacy Dooly, United Kingdom

    Trekking to Annapurna Base Camp on this 13 day trip with Sublime Trails was one of the most awesome experiences I have ever had. Although there were other options to complete ABC trek in 7 days or 10 days, I choose to complete in 13 days. I wanted to take some time to admire the villages and get close to the culture and tradition of various people along the way.

    The altitude of Annapurna Base Camp is merely 4130 meters. So I didn’t even struggle with altitude sickness. The route to the Base Camp was full of staircases along the way which made the trip quite easy.

    Sublime Trails gave us an excellent trekking package which was budget friendly. The guides and porters along the way were also very friendly and helped us explore the various parts along the way. I strongly recommend everyone who is looking for the ABC trek to trek along with Sublime Trails. The crew is extremely hospitable and they will help you customize your trip according to your needs. 

  • Amazing Everest Base Camp with Amazing Guide (BK)

    - Calvin Y, Malaysia

    BK (Bikram), Ram and the team were amazing and the best people we've ever met in our trekking to Everest Base Camp. This is our 1st trekking trip in Nepal so we didn't really expected much other than walking for long hours. The whole journey was amazing in its own way, BK (our mountain guide) and the porters were really amusing and taking good care of us. The trek is so beautiful and the team is very experienced. This is the best Nepal holiday we've had so far and can't wait to come back for another trekking trip with Ram and BK. Sublime provides 5 stars service!

  • Everest Base Camp 15 days trek with Sublime Trails

    - Jessie Lee, Singapore

    Every time I think about trekking there always comes a name and that is of Sublime Trails. Before going to EBC 15 days trek I had already gone to Langtang trek and Annapurna Base Camp trek with them. When I was planning for the trek Ram helped me to organize my plans for having a great trek. I already had memorable treks with them but compared to this trek they were just a drop of water in an ocean. They were already providing great service when I first went with them but they were not settling at that level. They were improving themselves every time to provide fantastic trekking experience at low cost.

    Ram and I went for the trekking 3rd time and he was the boss for me since he was always 10 steps faster than I thought. He had seemingly unrivaled contacts in every trekking routes to get things done during the trek. He was excellent at giving every bit of information and was always sensitive to how I coped with the trekking. So he was a super guide for me and so was his company.

    This agency has been giving its best service to every client they have worked with and I would absolutely recommend Sublime Trails to anyone visiting Nepal: to have Sublime trek at the reasonable price.

  • Serene beauty of nature at Khopra Danda

    - Pennelope Marseille, France

    I like to travel with few people and people I know. I am a bit awkward with strangers but our guide was a frank man and I didn't at all feel like I was travelling with a stranger. Only one thing didn't help too much that was my English. My accent makes it hard for people to understand me but he did his best besides, my other friends were good at English so they did most of the talking and arranging with the tour operator and the guide. Overall, this was a fun trip and the place was outstanding, more and more beautiful than you see in the pictures.

  • Awesome trekking experience

    - Bianca Rinehart, Spain

    It was amazing trekking experience we had. We didn't go far from Pokhara but the landscapes were amazing. Especially in the morning the sunrise and mountains looked spectacular. The villages were beautiful and the peoples were so kind and friendly. Loved everything about the trek. We had been to Pokhara tour with sublime trails and we went to trekking with the same guide and he was also amazing!