• Silvia
    SilviaMay 28, 2022

    The best trekking company for Everest Three High Passes Trek

    The best trekking experience on Everest Region was best from Sublime Trails. My guide Mr. Ajit was fantastic throughout his guiding on the route. He was also entertaining all day. 

    Mr Ram was constantly in communication with me before and after joining the trip. He also offered me a complimentary Kathmandu sightseeing tour after the trip. The best company for the trekking. Thumbs up!!

  • Liam
    LiamMay 27, 2022

    Mardi Himal Trek, heaven of mountains, kingdom of rhododendrons

    Machhapuchhre mountain was so near from Mardi Himal base camp. The pyramidal-shaped Machhapuchhre was amazing to witness. The lush landscape of rhododendrons made the area vivid. I just love the way we went to Mardi himal and made the successful trek.

    Sublime Trails became my tour partner and helped me to reach this beautiful landscape. The admin was very responsive to queries and also arranged for me to fly from Kathmandu to Pokhara. The jeep drive was amazing. Overall, food and accommodation were amazing. I can’t wait to get back to my country and share this story with my family and friends. I’m sure they’ll be jealous. If possible, I’ll bring them next year and make a similar trip with Sublime Trails.

  • Haru Nika
    Haru NikaMay 26, 2022

    A girl from Japan to Everest base camp on helicopter

    Mr. Ram from Sublime Trails offered me Everest helicopter tour when I asked him for some tour suggestions. Now I realized why he recommended me Everest helicopter tour.

    Ram arranged a shared flight to Everest. We were four on the flight. All of us were from different countries flying to witness Everest, our dream tour. The landscape around were fantastic. The flight was turbulence free. Pilot was professional. The tour was operated professionally. Everything was super organized.

    I wish i could be with my family next time when i come to visit Nepal.

  • Shiva Rajan
    Shiva RajanMay 25, 2022

    One fat man (& his wife) made it to EBC & back

    Despite getting prepped for this trip, we (my wife & I) were still desperately short of where we needed to be. Our guide Prakash & porter Rajkumar were fabulous! Prakash checked on our health twice a day to make sure we were coping with the higher altitudes & thinning air. As we trekked, both him & Rajkumar would stop & make us drink water & have snacks. Sharing snacks with them helped make the 4 of us a close unit. Quite often they'd make it seem they needed a break, but they'd calculated what we were capable of & factored in the breaks. At times it felt we were going slow, but we realised it was the perfect pace for us. When we got to Gorak Shep, it was just past 12pm & was snowing. Prakash laid the options out to us, with our safety his top priority. Option 1 - forget about seeing EBC cos we would be trekking back in low light & snow. Option 2 - pay for horses to take us there & back. We went for the horses. It cost us USD200 each, which was money well spent. Not seeing EBC would've been a major letdown.

    We met many groups along this journey & none of them had the relationship we did with our 2 guys. I think it's important to trust your guide 100% but also be honest about what you can & cannot do...or dislike doing. Regardless of how fit you are or how much you've read, the guides & porters know these mountains better. Second guessing & telling the guides what to do is what I think caused many others to drop out or not have as good a time as we did.

    This is the hardest activity I've ever done, but one of the most enjoyable & rewarding one ever!

    Thank you Sublime Trails, Prakash & Rajkumar.

  • R
    RegenMay 22, 2022

    Helicopter tour on Everest 5 days tour was best.

    Everest Base Camp Tour for 5 days was ideal for me. This trip gave me the experience of high altitude trekking and also the luxurious helicopter flight to Kala Pattahr and back to Lukla and Kathmandu. Flying on a helicopter, close to the Everest and other mountains were best flying experience I had in the trip. Also, it was mesmerizing to see all the mountains standing infront of eyes at Everest region.

    Sublime Trails became my tour partner. The tour was well organised, managed, and with the best trekking guide. I rate this trip 5/5 when it comes to the experience and cost.

  • Sarah D
    Sarah DMay 20, 2022

    Extraordinary Annapurna circuit trek

    We(2 couples)completed our first trekking in beautiful Nepal Himalya. We had an amazing time doing the Annapurna circuit. The views was breathtaking everyday. We were so glad that we went with Sublime Trails. Ram was very professional with his work and gave us such a great trip with affordable price. The team went above and beyond from the day we arrived until we took off. Massive thanks to our guide Suman our 2 amazing porters, who took great care of us during the trek. we had so much fun playing cards and singing Nepalese folk songs during the trek. Suman was very professional with his job as well as high altitude and its remedies. we really enjoyed the Thorong la pass,windy valley and hot spring. suman also let us the taste traditional food and drinks both in the mountain and city which we absolutely loved it. Big thanks to Ram and sublime trails team for the extraordinary trip in beautiful Nepal. we cant wait for another adventure with team Sublime again. Highly recommended!!!

  • Louisiana
    LouisianaMay 19, 2022

    The best trip.

    Ive been to Nepal several times for tours but I finallt went to Everest Base Camp and hiked all Three High Passes with Sublime Trails. I now can say that I hiked to Everest and all.

    The experience was surreal. I was in the presence of greatness. The magical landscapes of Everest region with the wholesome experience of trekking for two long weeks became the best time in my life. I recommend people to come join this trip with Sublime Trails. Their fantastic tour operation style and professional guides were the best. They are decicated on safety and security of trekkers. Also, they are promoting zero carbon throughout their trips. One of the best initiative. 

  • Josh Hart
    Josh HartMay 19, 2022

    Cosy night at Everest Base Camp, but a fantastic experience sleeping on it.

    It was some cold and cosy night at Everest Base Camp. Sleeping here was best experience I had in long time. I had been planning for this trip some years ago but this May, i finally managed to plan the trip, went on a fixed departure, and enjoyed the best of it.

    Sublime Trails became my travel companion for this trip. Also, my guide was fantastic person. Also, he took best photographs.