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  • Langtang trekking, Yet another trekking in Nepal

    - Gregory Evans, United States

    I knew this trek would be a bit harder than last because it is a long trek and I was physically and mentally prepared. Trekking in Nepal can challenges you in different ways, the altitude, temperature and how you pack for it. I want to thank Ram that he suggested that I should take extra blanket because of the cold weather. If I didn't I would be in great troubles, I am bad at coping with cold and he knows that from our last Everest Base Camp trek. That doesn't minimize my love for mountains and Nepal.

    There were not many travellers this time because Langtang is not that popular destination like EBC but I have to say that I had one of the best experiences in my life. Everything went completely fine and my friends were happy too. If there would have been any problem they would literally kill me because I talked them into coming here. They had already trekked in such places but, they were in Nepal for the first time. I will come to Nepal again and again and there's no doubt that I will choose Sublime each time. The farewell dinner they planned for us was so amazing this time. 

  • Beautiful Trip

    - Diana Limarto, Indonesia

    Buddhist tour in Nepal was amazing. I and my friend visited many stupa and monasteries in Nepal. I was overwhelmed to know a lot about the history and traditions associated with Buddhism. We had been to White Gumba, Swaymbhunath and Bouddhanath in Kathmandu. Lumbini was amazing and peaceful place. We got to explore many monasteries built by different countries. I personally liked the one built by Cambodia the most! Overall the tour was beautiful and well organized! Our guide was also amazing, he gave us most of the information regarding the places and he was an enthusiastic person to be with! 

  • A beautiful tour to a beautiful country

    - Szigethy Franciska, Hungary

    Sudden plan to visit Bhutan was probably the best idea! The country was so amazingly colourful and vibrant. It gives you some good and spiritual vibes. The view of the mountains, forests and rivers were so heartwarming! We visited the dzongs and museums and monasteries. The architectures of the dzongs, paintings and wallpapers were just so profound and brilliant.I found thir colourful dress most fascinating and beautiful I had even brought one! Everything was so beautiful about the tour! 

  • Spectacular Tour in Nepal

    - Gaetan Arenas Estévez, Puerto Rico

    I had visited many places in Nepal with Sublime Trails. It was a very beautiful tour. We visited UNESCO world heritage sites in Kathmandu such as Pasupatinath, Bouddhanath, Swyambunath and Durbar Squares. I got to learn a lot about the history and culture of Nepal. We then visited Pokhara city where I enjoyed boating, I went to the temples and caves. Chitwan National Park was also amazing. I enjoyed the elephant Safari and canoeing. I also got to see the one-horned rhino. Sublime Trails managed my trip very beautifully I am thankful to them.

  • 12 Days EBC Heli Trek

    - Veronica, Australia

    A group of my college friends decided to come to trek to Everest Base Camp. But we didn’t have a lot of time as our holidays were only 2 weeks long. So we decided to come to this short trek to Everest Base Camp. We didn’t have a lot of trekking experience either so we thought that a short trek would be a safe trip. Sublime Trails told us that we needed to prepare for around 2 months before coming here. And thank goodness they did. Our preparation helped us a lot as the exercise helped us prepare for the altitude as well. My lifetime dream of seeing Mt. Everest in all its glory as possible. All in all, this is an awesome trip.

  • Fabulous Trip !

    - Nikki Grace, Canada

    A trip I will never forget. The people, the food, the natural beauty, the flight- all of them culminated to make my trip a dream. There is no other trip that I would recommend more than this one by Sublime Trails.

  • Best tour I have done !!

    - Admad M., United Arab Emirates

    I can’t describe how unbelievably beautiful the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour was. I felt like a bird flying above the mountains. It is undoubtedly the best flight I have ever taken. My friends who shared this trip with me also felt the same. I think the trip not only gave us staggering views of the mountains but also made our friendship stronger. The services of Sublime Trails was very good too.

  • Incredible EBC fixed departure trek

    - Alan M. Ratliff, United States

    Nepal is an amazing country but a single thing can ruin it all. You have to be careful while doing or deciding everything. Choosing the best travel planners can matter a lot and don't do a mistake like I did last time which totally messed up my holidays. 

    If you want to have awesome time in Nepal, look no further. Sublime Trails did exactly what you said it does. All those days with walking long hours in a day went by easily without anyone getting sick, no one losing anything we also made some new friends.

    I don't know what else to say. Last time I was in Nepal, I was so upset that I didn't think I would ever return but with my daughter's insistence, I had to come. I'm very happy this time.

  • Difficult but amazing trekking

    - Diah Hidayat, Indonesia

    I and my boyfriend decided to spend our holiday trekking in Nepal and it turned out amazing! We chose Annapurna Circuit Trek with Tilicho Lake as we wanted to explore Nepal without any rush. The trail was so beautiful, we had to cross many jungles rivers and we encountered so many beautiful waterfalls! Diving into the hotsprings was one of the best experience. People we met along the way were so friendly and kind, we had so much fun talking to them. At some points, it was so difficult to move further such as Thorong La Pass and on the way to Tilicho. But our guide kept us motivated and helped a lot! The view of the Lake and the mountain were so amazing that'd make us forget all the difficulties along the way! Nepal is amazing, we definitely coming back again to visit!

  • One day insightful hike to Nagarjun

    - Susan Sundberg, Denmark

    Usually I always have something to say about each service. But after going to a day hike in Nagarjun with Sublime, I have nothing to complain about. The place was also beautiful, I had fun especially when we were at Jamacho temple and when we could view mountains. This was just a short hike and I had so much fun, I am so impressed by the service and support by them, I will recommend them to all my friends and to anyone traveling to Nepal

  • A Lifetime Experience in Tibet

    - Lester Pounds, Canada

    I can't explain how much I love travelling in these mountainous countries. It was my 3rd visit to Everest Base Camp but this time we went to Tibet side Base Camp. The experience was completely different but the service provided by Sublime was the same. Lhasa is outstanding, Tibetan art and architecture has always amused me.  I have travelled with them a lot and I wouldn't choose anyone else. Its surprising how they can conduct these tours in various countries but with such experience and dedication it has been possible. I want to thank Ram once again. I had so much fun.

  • Trekking to reach an Ancient City of Lo Manthang

    - Pierre Fortin, France

    I knew Nepal was an amazing country but if somebody had told me this amazing then I would not waste so many years of my life waiting for a perfect time. When I was in Kathmandu on the first day, I thought oh well, it is a nice city, not like any place I have seen but as the trek started, I couldn't believe my eyes sometimes, I would see around and question myself, is this real? That's how incredible Mustang is.

    Yes, the trek was very hard and our guide did everything possible to make it less hard, they would crack jokes, they would tell stories and be the one to help us and the locals communicate. They answered all our silly questions with utter seriousness. I can't tell I have traveled to many places but by my experience, if you travel to such places, you will learn a lot about life beyond technology and modern facilities.

    Mustang was amazing, even if we travelled in monsoon, there was no rain unlike in Kathmandu. Some days were hard, some were fine but some were so beautiful that it is bound to make you want to come here again.